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Professor and Executive Coach
Brenda Ellington-Booth
What is Coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

— International Coaching Federation

Coaching at Kellogg
At Kellogg, we design, implement and facilitate coaching experiences centered on personal leadership development that complement the classroom experience in Kellogg’s Executive Education Programs.

What does an executive coach do?
Our executive coaches work closely with you to help you use your Kellogg education to develop into a stronger leader. They can help you design a plan of action to work through a thorny issue at work, gain clarity on feedback others have given you, make decisions, solve problems, set new goals and achieve them.

What will I take away from executive coaching sessions?
Meeting with an executive coach will strengthen and extend your Kellogg Executive Education experience. It will give you time to reflect on your coursework and sharpen your awareness of your own unique leadership skills and abilities.

You’ll get constructive feedback in a supportive environment and a concrete action plan for continuing your development as a leader — and getting results in your organization.

Who is coaching for?
Anyone who wants to hone their leadership skills, to maintain accountability and drive results after their onsite Kellogg Executive Education experience.

Where can I find coaching in Kellogg Executive Education programs?

Coaching Options
Coaching included in program Optional coaching packages

The following short programs include coaching integrated into the program offering:

Leading Family Enterprises 
30 minutes of private coaching focused on individual feedback from a 360-degree assessment, followed by small group coaching sessions and three post-program private phone sessions. 

Energizing People for Performance
This program includes small group coaching sessions integrated into the program.

Reinventing Leadership 
This program focuses on interpreting feedback from a pre-program 180-degree assessment, along with an optional 30-minute private coaching session during the on-site and included in the program fee.

Women’s Senior Leadership Program  
Included in the fees for this program, each participant will use the feedback from a 360-degree assessment as the foundation for three private sessions with a Kellogg coach during the program.

Optional executive coaching packages are available for selected programs as follows:

Executive Development Program (EDP) Coaching Package
For an additional fee of $2,500, you have the option to partner with a Kellogg leadership coach. You will receive 1.5 hours of private coaching during the on-site experience followed by three 45-minute, post-program private coaching sessions via phone. 

Short Program Coaching Package
For an additional fee of $2,000, attendees of the following three short programs have the option to partner with a Kellogg leadership coach, to provide additional coaching beyond that included in the program.  This package includes 1 hour of pre-coaching design and goal-setting time, one 45-minute private coaching session during the on-site, and three 30-minute post-program sessions by phone.

Coaching Bios

Brenda Ellington-Booth


Why I Coach At Kellogg:
For me, coaching is mission driven as I consider it my personal mission to help people grow. Coaching allows me to partner with individuals and small groups who are interested in self-development and personal growth. Coaching at Kellogg allows me to partner with students and professionals who want to make a positive and significant impact in their teams and organizations.

Who I Am As A Coach:
I tend to approach coaching in a structured way. I provide a framework with a beginning, middle and end. However, I can and enjoy going off course if needed. I can “dance” in the moment – but can tie it to the big picture in the end. I believe in having a full and balanced life – for myself and the people who I coach. Family, friends, my faith and my work are all interconnected. I advocate that those I coach strive for balance and fullness. I enjoy coaching people in the following areas:

  • Motivated and committed MBA students
  • Middle to senior level executives who lead others
  • Executive directors and senior level professionals of non-profit organizations

My Strengths (per Strengths Finder 2.0):

  • Achiever
  • Relator
  • Learner
  • Strategic
  • Responsibility

My interests are learning about anything, reading fiction, old movies and TV dramas, and travel. My unique qualities:

  • A calm presence, even under pressure
  • Intuitive
  • Collaborative
  • Organized
  • Visionary & Executor
  • Creative
  • A team builder and good group facilitator
  • Can manage complex projects

Education & Professional Certifications:

  •  MBA & BA Economics – Stanford University
  • Ph.D. in Organization Behavior – Northwestern University
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) - Associate Professional Coach (ACC)

Work Experience

  • Current Positions at Kellogg School of Management
    • Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations
    • Director of Leadership Coaching Programs
  • Past Work Corporate Experience
    • Home Box Office – Financial & Systems Analyst
    • Former Salomon Brothers – Equities Research
    • Leo Burnett – Account Executive
  • Consulting Experience
    • Grocery Industry
    • Financial Services Firms
    • Non-Profit Organizations


Brooke Olson Vuckovic, Ph.D.


Why I coach at Kellogg:
I coach at Kellogg because it is an extraordinary crucible for leadership development—a place where top-performing leaders come to reflect and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and define who they want to be. I also highly value being part of an academic environment that values knowledge creation, teamwork and teaching; frankly, there’s just no better place to be!

At Kellogg, in addition to my work with MBA students, I coach and teach in a number of executive programs including, among others, the Kellogg Management Institute, Executive Development Program, Women’s Senior Leadership Program, and the Not-for-Profit Center’s Developing High Performing People.

Who I am as a coach:
I have been in private practice since 2001, and am known best for my results-oriented pragmatism, “tough” compassion, emphasis on curiosity and experimentation, and a highly-personalized approach to the individuals I work with. I believe that coaching is, above all, a rich and engaged conversation, in which individuals evaluate where they are in their work and life, hear direct (and sometimes difficult) feedback, and, with this information, create their vision and action plan for change.

In addition, I am particularly focused on helping leaders develop mindfulness, agility and resilience, which are absolutely essential in today’s demanding business environment. My hope is that individuals walk away from coaching with a set of practices that allow them to respond, rather than react, to the challenges they face as highly successful business leaders. These mindfulness and reflection practices can also help leaders relieve stress, develop patience with themselves and others, and enhance focus and concentration on the things that “really” matter to them as individuals and to the organizations they lead.

My Coaching Focus/Niche Area:
I believe the real work of coaching and leadership development comes from the relationship that my clients and I create together, rather than a specific focus on a given industry or “tier” of professional. As a result, my clients come from all walks of life—from senior executives and “high potentials” in major corporations to academics and small business owners. My current clients are in sectors as diverse as finance, consumer products, technology, pharmaceuticals, law, education, management consulting, government, psychology, and non-profit management.

Education and Professional Certifications:

B.A.: University of Texas—Austin
M.A., Ph.D.: University of Chicago
CPCC, (Certified Professional ‘Co-Active’ Coach), Coaches Training Institute
PCC, (Professional Certified Coach), International Coaches Federation
Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor and Coach (through Hay Group for all 360 EI instruments)

I am passionate about pursuing education on a regular basis to continually improve the breadth and depth of resources I bring to my coaching practice. In the past two years, I have been most strongly influenced by my work in mindfulness-based stress reduction practices for executives (and all other human beings).

Additional Experience:
My approach to coaching is informed by my multi-disciplinary background. I received my MA and PhD from the University of Chicago where I also taught business communications at the Graduate School of Business for a number of years. Before becoming a coach, my research focused on how ‘narrative’ and ‘story telling’ helped individuals define who they are and what was important to them and their communities (a theme that I return to again and again in coaching insofar as powerful story telling relates to powerful leadership). In my prior working life, I focused on adult-education and ‘non-traditional’ learning. My experiences in this arena included academic and executive positions at Cardean University, whose start-up online MBA program was developed with Columbia University Business School, Stanford University, London School of Economics, and the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business.

I have served on the advisory boards of Syrus Global—a leader in ethics, compliance, governance, and reputation management solutions—and the Center for International Rehabilitation.

I live just outside of Chicago with my husband and three daughters. When we’re not working, my husband and I can most frequently be found out and about with our girls—at the beach, camping, or taking advantage of Chicago’s amazing neighborhoods and cultural institutions.


David Ransburg


David is an executive coach specializing in assessment, coaching, and group facilitation. He has a rare combination of expertise in both business and psychology. With over a dozen years of business experience in a variety of industries, David is a senior advisor who possesses strong relationship skills and broad-based experience in human capital, sales and marketing, strategy, and project management. He has exceptional attention to detail and is adept at strategic as well as financial analysis of business opportunities. Additionally, David has been formally trained in interpersonal relationships and systems theory to motivate individuals, resolve intra-organizational conflict, and build an effective team-oriented organization.

David received a BA in Economics from Stanford University, an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and an MA in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University.

Additionally, David has served on the faculty of Kellogg’s “New Leadership for the Family Enterprise” course as well as Loyola University’s Family Business Next Generation Leadership Institute. He was formerly a staff therapist at the renowned Family Institute at Northwestern University.

He is co-author of a research article on family business succession and has been quoted in Real Simple magazine. David has worked with companies such as Microsoft, SC Johnson, and Lincoln Financial, as well as numerous privately-held family businesses.

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