Student Loans

Federal student loans are available to qualified US citizens and permanent residents with financial need. Applicants for federal student loan funds must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on an annual basis.

Applicants for federal student loans should refer to the Graduate School Web site to obtain the application forms and supporting materials.

International students are not eligible for federal student loans, but they may be eligible for alternative loans. The approval of these loans is based on creditworthiness. Students may apply under their own signature, but if not initially approved, may need to apply again with a credit-worthy cosigner. A student's eligibility is determined by subtracting any aid to be received for the loan period (including other loan funds) from the determined cost of education.

Please note: Federal student loans from previous undergraduate or graduate programs can be deferred upon joining the PhD Program. Once you are registered as a full-time student in September, the Registrar at Northwestern (Rebecca Crown Center) can provide the necessary University signature attesting to your full-time status.