Research & IT

Kellogg Information Systems (KIS)
Kellogg Information Systems provides an invaluable resource to the Kellogg community. They are always on hand to offer technical support or to fix any technological problems that may arise.

Kellogg Research Support
The Research Support group seeks to facilitate the use of the research resources, which includes not only the logistical aspect of maintaining resources, but also supporting their use, educating users, and troubleshooting in statistical computing. The Research Computing website contains resources for faculty and students that include access to servers, software, and training, access to datasets available through Kellogg and Northwestern University, access to labs & subject pools for experimental research, and guidance on the IRB certification process. 

Collaborative Research
We at Kellogg believe in an interdisciplinary approach to PhD study. We believe that research is meant to be shared. Two research communities at Northwestern that exemplify cross-training are Economic Theory and Social Psychology.

Kellogg Research Faculty
Kellogg Faculty combine real-world and academic knowledge of management problems to augment their theoretical training. Research is a vital component of Kellogg's PhD Program, and faculty have developed groundbreaking theories in many fields.

Northwestern Scholars
Northwestern Scholars is a searchable database of faculty research expertise across all disciplines at Northwestern University. Explore the profiles, publications, and grant data of Kellogg faculty.

Kellogg Research Seminars
Research seminars are held during fall, winter, and spring quarters. Announcements by academic department/discipline and links to papers are found at the link above.

Kellogg Research Centers
The Kellogg School of Management has 19 research centers that fall under specific strategic initiatives and academic departments. Additionally, Kellogg is affiliated with several Northwestern University research centers. 

Northwestern University Library
Northwestern University Library is one of the best resources on campus for gathering materials or requesting books. They participate in the interlibrary loan program with many other area schools to make sure students have access to all of the materials they may need.

Business Reference at the NU Library
The University Library has a listing of databases specific for business research. It contains over 100 databases just for business.

Management Library
In addition to the business reference the University Library also has a page devoted entirely to business information and resources for the Northwestern community.