Health and Wellness

Parental Accommodation Policy
The Parental Accommodation Policy applies to Kellogg doctoral students. The policy provides an academic milestone extension and, in most circumstances, continued financial support to all active graduate students who experience the birth or adoption of a child for whom they have parental responsibilities.

Health Requirements and Insurance
Newly enrolled students at Northwestern are required to follow the admission health requirements. Students will also have access to a Student Health Insurance Plan.

Health Services (Evanston)
Located at 633 Emerson Street, the Health Services office can provide medical care and oversees entrance health requirements for all Northwestern Students.

Counseling Services (CAPS)
The CAPS office is located in the same building as Health Services (633 Emerson) and will provide counseling services to all Northwestern University students. CAPS also has workshops and clinics for students, such as the Stress Management Clinic and other workshops.

Northwestern Recreation
Northwestern Recreation resources has it all: memberships (free to students), fitness and wellness, aquatics, sailing, tennis, and intramurals and clubs. 

Sports Clubs and Intramurals
Sports Clubs and Intramurals are run through Northwestern Recreation.