Research Funding for Doctoral Students

The Kellogg School of Management strives to be innovative and responsive to the research needs of our doctoral students and provides our students with computer subsidies, conference travel funding, and opportunities to apply for additional research resources, such as data.

Computer Subsidy
Doctoral students are provided with a one-time only computer subsidy of $2,000 to purchase computer equipment for their PhD studies Funding is provided in September of their first year enrolled in the PhD Program. Students purchase this equipment at their own discretion, and receipts are not required.

Conference Travel Funding
Kellogg PhD students matriculating fall 2017 and after are provided with a budget of $4,000 to cover the cost of their conference travel when presenting a paper (not just attending a conference) or during the academic job market while enrolled at Kellogg. Students may also apply for matching conference travel grant funding through The Graduate School (TGS):currently two trips, up to $800 for each trip. Students must prepare a travel budget for approval before the travel occurs, and all proposed expenditures must be approved by the student’s director of graduate study (DGS).

Additional Research Funding
Kellogg doctoral students may apply for additional research funding, such as data, software, experimental research/subject fees, and research assistants. Submitted applications must be approved by the student’s advisor, the faculty director of the PhD program and, in some instances, Kellogg’s senior associate dean for faculty and research.