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Promoting your Event

The guidelines below are designed to enable a free flow of information between students, providing full-time students effective and equitable access to tools for the dissemination of relevant information. At the same time, these guidelines maintain the professional image of the school by preventing random placement of print communication and by providing communication locations that are consistent and readily identifiable to the student body for the dissemination of information.

Communications General Policies:

  1. Alcohol should not be a main focus of an event’s publicity. Therefore, no communication option can state “Open Bar” or other similar phrase.
  2. Communications should not contain images or language of a questionable nature.
  3. No commercial advertising is permitted.
  4. All communications and marketing materials must be correctly branded with the Northwestern, Kellogg, and group logos.
  5. No students or orgs can use our platforms to promote their event unless it was approved by Kellogg.

Flyers and Global Hub Media Monitors


Flyers are used to communicate information that pertains to Kellogg clubs, organizations, and events. Please follow the below guidelines for appropriate flyer postings:

  • All flyers must have the "Northwestern | Kellogg" branding on them. Branding must be clearly legible and in the approved format, otherwise the flyers cannot be approved.
  • The club or organization sponsoring the event must include its own branding on all flyers.
  • Flyers will be limited to the restroom flyer racks (not entry doors) on the ground floor and first floor only, flyer bulletin rack on the ground floor at the bottom of the second Spanish steps. Posted promotional materials in any other areas of the business school will be removed. Repeated violations may result in club sanctions.
  • Flyers must be approved and stamped by The Office of Student Life prior to posting.
  • Each event/announcement will be limited to 1 total flyer for the bulletin rack (blue stamp) /ground floor near the second Spanish steps and  total 6 flyers for the restrooms (red stamp)/ in the LL, 1st and 2nd floor restrooms.
  • Flyers cannot be posted on cement, paint, glass, or wood.
  • Flyers should not contain images or language of questionable nature, and may be rejected on these grounds alone. If you are seeking pre-approval prior to printing, please email a .pdf version of your proposed flyer to the Office of Student Life.
To post your flyers electronically, send a powerpoint slide to Student Life. Your image will appear in the Student Experience Center, Inspiring Grounds Café, and the Fitness Center.

Broadcast Emails


Broadcast emails are used to communicate events, information, and emergency situations that pertain to the entire student body. Other information should be distributed via a club or section listserv. The class email listserv addresses are as follows. Each address below should be followed with "kellogg.northwestern.edu".

  • Only approved events can issue Broadcast emails.
  • Both Class of 2023 and Class of 2024: class22and23@
  • Class of 2023 only: class23@ [NOTE: The second-year listserv includes the 1Ys]
  • Class of 2024 only: class24@
  • 1Y Class of 2023 only: 1yclass23@ [NOTE: The 1Y class also has their own open section listserv that is different from this listserv, which is reserved for official notices only]

    Each KSA-funded club is allowed one broadcast email to the entire student body (generally utilized at the beginning of the school year) to introduce the club to the student body and to invite interested students to an opening event and the CampusGroups page. After that, club-specific communication (announcements, events) should occur via CampusGroups. 

6/4/3 Rule:

  • Each conference is allowed six broadcast emails, limited to one per week
  • Each club related event involving ticket sales or paid admission is allowed four broadcast emails, limited to one per week.
  • All other club related events (non-conference, free admission) are allowed three broadcast emails, limited to one per week.
  • The KSA is exempt from email limits, since the class listservs act as the KSA’s listserv (there is no opt-in listserv for KSA).
  • Student groups/events/programs that are exempt from this limit, but must adhere to the one-email per week limit include: Admissions team, DAK, KWEST, CIM, GIM, Grad Week, Merger, Special K!, Battle of the Bands, Kellogg Bands, Charity Auction Ball, and Casino Night.

Promoting Conferences to Alumni

  • The Office of Alumni Relations promotes student conferences to alumni via email. To request an email promotion for your conference, students can use this form. Please select option 4 to request an email and have the event added to the alumni events calendar and allow the Alumni Relations team 5 business days to build the email.

Additional Guidelines:

  • The subject line of the email should include: the name of the club/group organizing the event and a summary of the event details, including the date. For example, “Marketing Club: P&G Speaker 9/25”. Note: it is not sufficient for this information to be embedded in an image.
  • No broadcast email for an event will be sent out until the event has been entered into Campus Groups.
  • The following examples are a few of the things that are not appropriate for broadcast emails: club-specific events or announcements, requests to help with surveys or research, personal messages, lost and found items, results from contests, apartments for rent, etc.
  • Commercial advertising (for profit or non-profit/charity) will not be sent out by broadcast email
  • Messages will be limited to 150K in size. If you attempt to send a larger-sized message, the system will reject your message and notify you.
  • The Office of Student Life moderates the listservs, releasing emails several times a day during standard business hours. Emails will not be released at night, on weekends, or on holidays.
  • Section listservs are members-only lists (only people on the list can send to it) and include the 1Y and MMM. These listservs may be an option for messages unsuitable to class wide broadcast e-mails.



Tables may only be reserved  during the lunch hour (12:15 PM - 1:15 PM), and requests are granted on a first-come-first-served basis. To request a table reservation, please visit the RES 25 Live and request room KGH1300 1,2,3 or 4.

Only approved events can reserve Tables in Gies Plaza.

Branded Products


When creating commercial products such as T-shirts, mugs and bags using the Kellogg School logo and Northwestern University identity, you must use the registered trademark version of the Kellogg logo AND purchase from a Northwestern licensed vendor. Purchases made from unlicensed vendors WILL NOT BE paid by Northwestern and are ineligible for reimbursement. Prior to purchase, please send your design to the Office of Student Life for approval. Special note: The Kellogg School logo or word mark may not be printed on red products, because red is a trademarked color associated with the Kellogg's cereal brand.

Please allow sufficient time (about one month including production time). For a complete guide, please review the Kellogg brand guidelines.

Only approved events can create and procure Branded Products.

Other Options

For Global Hub activity/event communication requests not contained above, please email the Office of Student Life.