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IC2S2 2016 is a multi-day conference that dives deeply into the field of computational social science that features prominent speakers defining research and practice in an environment that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration.

The agenda also includes two pre-session days for highly experiential skills workshops and a datathon.

Wednesday, June 22
Pre-Session / Datathon - U.S. Election 2016: An Outsider Cycle?
Thursday, June 23
Pre-Session / Skills Workshops and Datathon Day 2

Friday, June 24
General Session / Six Keynotes, Concurrent Sessions, Publisher’s Table and Conference Banquet/Awards

Keynotes Include:

  • Peter Sheridan Dodds, University of Vermont: "The Panometer: Building lexical meters to gauge emotional states, health, opinions, and stories"
  • Sendhil Multainathan, Harvard University 
  • Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon, University of Pennsylvania: "Online Networks and Large-Scale Coordination"
  • EPJ Data Science Keynote - Markus Strohmaier, University of Koblenz-Landau:  “Measuring Social Phenomena on the Web”
  • Dirk Brockmann, Humboldt University: "Experimental Epidemiology - Measuring What Matters in Disease Dynamics"
  • Susan Athey, Stanford University

Saturday, June 25

General Session / Five Keynotes, Industry Panel, Editors' Panel, Concurrent Sessions, Poster Session and Publisher’s Tables

Keynotes Include:

  • Balazs Vedres, Central European University: "Fold Networks and Success with Innovation"
  • Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania: "Private Search in Social Networks"
  • Alessandro Lomi, University of Lugano: "Networks From Events: Models and Cases"
  • Industry Panel: Eytan Bakshy of Facebook, Dao Nguyen of BuzzFeed, Hanna Wallach of Microsoft Research
  • Matthew Salganik, Princeton University: "Experiments in the Digital Age"
  • Editors' Panel with Barbara Jasny (Science), Aaron Clauset (Science Advances), James Evans (American Journal of Sociology), Stavroula Kousta (Nature Human Behavior), and Boleslaw Szymański (IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems)
  • David Ferrucci, Bridgewater Associates: "AI: Episode II - The Quest for Understanding"

Sunday, June 26
General Session / Two Keynotes, Concurrent Sessions, Poster Session and Publisher’s Tables

Keynotes Include:

  • Shawndra Hill, Microsoft: "Measuring the Impact of TV Content on Digital Behaviors"
  • Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University
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