Kellogg World Alumni Magazine Winter 2009
  Dean Sunil Chopra
  Photo © Nathan Mandell
Letter from the Dean

Dear Kellogg School Alumni and Friends,

The art of progress has been defined as preserving order in the midst of change and preserving change in the midst of order.

This is a difficult balance to achieve, but essential to the enduring health of any organization that looks to stay innovative and dynamic, setting the pace rather than following where others lead.

In these challenging economic times, where change and uncertainty abound, Kellogg remains dedicated to making the wise strategic investments that support its core values. This clarity of purpose positions us to build on our many achievements while seeking new ways to leverage opportunities across our entire portfolio of program offerings.

The constant for us is knowledge creation and dissemination. As always, we are committed to putting ideas into action, which is why we cultivate the optimal academic environment for our students and faculty. Here, they enjoy the resources and collegial framework that enable them to produce insights that make a significant impact in the world. This edition of Kellogg World showcases a few of the Kellogg alumni who are using their MBA degrees in diverse ways to make a difference.

These leaders, who span many industries and sectors, are living examples of the Kellogg School's unique blend of general management expertise combined with specialized training in key disciplines. This breadth and depth of knowledge, along with our pioneering collaborative learning model, continues to distinguish Kellogg among the world's most prestigious schools.

While the most important elements of Kellogg remain strong and consistent, most of you know that we are undergoing significant changes too. Northwestern University is currently conducting a global search for a new Kellogg dean. This process began in July with the creation of a committee led by Finance Professor Janice Eberly and composed of senior faculty, administrators, alumni and students. Details about the search appear in the online edition of this magazine.

During this exciting time, my colleagues and I look forward to your partnership as we continue to strengthen Kellogg and create exemplary global leaders.

Best regards,

Sunil Chopra

Sunil Chopra

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