Kellogg World Alumni Magazine Winter 2009

Heard at Kellogg

  Elizabeth Gore
  Photo © Chris Guillen

"We can't shove our brand in everyone's face. We must tailor it to every audience." 

—  Elizabeth Gore, executive director of global partnerships at the United Nations Foundation, on working with partner organizations on an anti-malaria campaign (Oct. 21, in a Social Impact Speaker Series talk) Read the full article

Gordon Segal '60  
Photo © Chris Guillen  

"If you don't get design into the thought process, you're not going to be successful ... Design is the key to being unique, to success." 

—  Gordon Segal '60, chairman and founder of Crate & Barrel (Oct. 29, in a talk to students) Read the full article


  Rick Waddell '79
  Photo © Nathan Mandell

"If you work effectively in a team, if you service that team and that team services the clients, you're going to be successful." 

—  Frederick "Rick" Waddell '79, Northern Trust Corp. president and CEO (Sept. 17, at a CEO Speaker Series alumni networking event) Read the full article


Sergio Rebelo  
Photo © Nathan Mandell  

"Creativity and banking are two words that should never go together." 

—  Sergio Rebelo, the Tokai Bank Professor of Finance, on practices that contributed to the financial meltdown (Oct. 13, in a talk to students) Read the full article


  Colin Coyne '85
  Photo © Chris Guillen

"The Bernie Madoffs of the world have destroyed 100 years of competitive advantage. I see a global crisis in business leadership." 

—  Colin Coyne '85, president of The Coyne Group (Oct. 6, in a talk to students) Read the full article


Myron Scholes  
Photo © Chris Guillen  

"We don't really know what world we're in. Is the tiger tamed or simply fed and sleepy? If he's tamed, then we don't care if he's walking around." 

—  Myron Scholes, Nobel Laureate, on the systemic risk factors behind the global economic crisis (Oct. 26, in a lecture sponsored by the Zell Center for Risk Research) Read the full article

  Chuck Templeton '06
  Photo ©Nathan Mandell

"Find the niche market and see the world in a way that no one else is seeing it." 

—  Chuck Templeton '06, founder of online restaurant reservation service OpenTable (Oct. 1, in a talk to Part-Time MBA students and Kellogg alumni) Read the full article

Bob McDonald  
Photo © Chris Guillen  

"At P&G, we have 130,000 employees around the world. Imagine what would happen if we put them in jobs they weren't good at." 

—  Bob McDonald, Procter & Gamble CEO, on placing people in roles that play to their strengths (Oct. 7, in a talk to students) Read the full article

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