Kellogg World Alumni Magazine Winter 2009
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Letter from the Interim Dean

Dear Kellogg School alumni and friends,

The global recession has challenged organizations everywhere. It has forced leaders to do more with less and to compete in a volatile, uncertain environment.

At Kellogg, it's also resulted in new research and a greater understanding of the market dynamics that led to the crash.

Our professors have been creating the frameworks to help answer the question, "What next?" They are preparing our students with the tools to discover and cultivate value in this radically changed setting. Helping support Kellogg's robust finance curriculum is the revamped Heizer Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital. Faculty research of all kinds, including study of the financial markets, also is available at our online journal, Kellogg Insight, as well as at "Everything Finance," a Kellogg blog where our finance professors investigate the latest developments in their field — especially how theory intersects with practice.

Kellogg alumni also are analyzing the new private-equity investment landscape to determine the best post-recession opportunities. This edition of Kellogg World introduces you to some of those individuals and how they are using their Kellogg education to give them an edge in an increasingly complex industry.

Of course, Kellogg graduates are leaders across many industries. This issue illustrates how Kellogg's holistic approach to management has helped these CEOs reach the top of their profession.

Here on campus, leadership is always at the forefront of our discussions. Lately, though, it's been even more pronounced while we have awaited news about the new Kellogg dean. As we shared previously, the dean search committee, in conjunction with Northwestern University's president and board of trustees, has conducted a global search for this important position. Now, they have reached a conclusion.

We are very pleased to announce that the next dean of the Kellogg School will be Sally Blount. She is currently serving as dean of the undergraduate college and vice dean of the Stern School of Business at New York University. She is also a Kellogg alumna, having earned her doctorate in management and organizations in 1992. Dean Blount is an expert in negotiation and behavioral decision-making and renowned as a leader in the field of global business education. 

Please join me in welcoming Dean Blount back to Evanston.

It has been my honor to serve as the school's interim dean for the past year, and as senior associate dean since 2006. I will continue as dean until July, when Dean Blount will officially begin her tenure. I will do all I can to help make this leadership transition seamless as I offer my full support to her.

I also look forward to continuing to work alongside my colleagues, and our alumni and friends, as we keep Kellogg thriving as one of the world's most prestigious business schools.

Best regards,

Sunil Chopra

Sunil Chopra

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