Kellogg World Alumni Magazine Winter 2009
Joel Appel '92Joel Appel ’92: Taking new ventures to the top

After selling his family business for $325 million in 2006, Joel Appel ’92 had the opportunity to rest on his laurels for a while.

But the former president and CEO of OrangeGlo International Inc. just couldn’t resist the bite of the entrepreneurial bug. The ink was barely dry on the sale of the household cleaning products business when the Kellogg grad turned his attention to a new venture.

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Fernando Chico Pardo '76Fernando Chico Pardo ’76: Investing to advance the Mexican economy

For longtime investor Fernando Chico Pardo ’76, the investment business isn’t just about financial returns. It’s about working with companies that contribute to the welfare of others.

"I’m a firm believer that companies have a social responsibility," says Chico Pardo, who lives in Mexico and is most interested in investing in companies that benefit the Mexican economy, society and environment. "They have to make profits, of course, but they also have a huge responsibility to the environment and their employees. They should help their employees, educate them and make them better people."

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Axel Wieandt '92Axel Wieandt ’92: Working to bring stability to the financial system

Axel Wieandt ’92 didn’t start out seeking a career as a banker, even though his family had been in the banking industry for decades.

Wieandt’s father was Paul Wieandt, a German banker known for his work restructuring banks. His sister Dorothee Blessing is a managing partner at Goldman Sachs. His brother-in-law Martin Blessing is CEO of Commerzbank, and his brother Carl Wieandt was an investment banker for years before becoming a partner at McKinsey & Co.

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