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Media Hits 2004-2010


Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal - "The Buzz on Buzz" (Oct 2010)


Gallup Management Journal - "The Power and Potential of Social Networks" (Oct 2010)


Reuters - "Social entrepreneur creates wellspring of support" (Sept 2010)

The Economist

The Economist - "Untangling the social web" (Sept 2010)

Financial Times

Financial Times - "It pays to think before you click" (July 2010)


CNN.com - "Why we can't unplug on vacation" (July 2010)


CNN.com - "Workplace rants on social media are headache for companies" (May 2010)


Prospect - "Let's all be friends" (February 2010)

ABC News

ABC News - "Social Networking Brings New Rules at Work" (January 2010)


Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal - "More Scientists Treat Experiments as a Team Sport" (November 2009)


NUCATS - "Science of Team Science" (November 2009)

Chicago Mag

Chicago Magazine - "Will Work for Friends" (August 2009)


Science - Counterterrorism's New Tool: 'Metanetwork' Analysis (July 2009)

Harvard Business Manager

Harvard Business Manager - "So knüpfen Sie die richtigen Kontakte" (March 2009)


Reuters - "GE finds its deep bench not so magical" (March 2009)

DC Examiner

The Examiner - "Big law firms hit hard by layoffs" (February 2009)



Nature - "Group Theory: What makes a successful team?" (October 2008)

kellogg Insight

Kellogg Insight - "Science as Team Sport Collaborating at a distance pays off" (October 2008)

Chemical & Engineering News

Chemical & Engineering News - "Highest impact research comes from scientists at different universities" (October 2008)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "Look where customers are talking now" (September 2008)


NatureNews - "Get a (social) life" (June 2008)

Business Week

Business Week - "Emerson Electric's Innovation Metrics" (June 2008)

Star Telegram

Fort Worth Star-Telegram - "Tireless volunteer reaches out to embrace entire community" (March 2008)

American Sociological Association - Accounts: A Newsletter of Economic Sociology: "The Sources and Consequences of Embeddedness for a Research Program" (Spring 2008)



Northwestern University Office of Research Annual Report: "Modern Genius Found in Teams, Not Individuals" (2007)

Observer: "The Rise in Collaborative Psychological Science" (October 2007)

kellogg Insight

Kellogg Insight - "Collaboration and Creativity The small world problem" (Oct 2007)

Forbes.com: "Special Report: A Small Circle Of Friends" (May 2007)

The Chronicle of Higher Education: "It's Teamwork, Not Solos, That Makes for Discoveries, Research Finds" (April 2007)

ABS CBN Interactive: "Center of Gravity" (April 2007)

Business Digest: "The Invaluable Benefits of Personal Networks" - English Version | French Version (January 2007)



Science: "News Focus" (November 2006)


Kellogg World: "Professor Uzzi's Award Winning Research Proves its Lasting Value" (June 2006)

Chicago Law Bulletin: "Comings, Goings Going Up at Mid-Sized Firms" (March 2006)

LA Times: "The Suits Are All Wet at These Board Meetings" (January 2006)



The Economist: "The New Organization Special Report" - Part A and Part B (December 2005)


Kellogg World Frontpage: "Team Dreamer" (October 2005)

The Boston Globe: "Market Share" (July 2005)

National Public Radio Interview: "Collaboration and Creativity" (June 2005)

New Scientist: "Recipe for Building Dream Team Revealed" (May 2005)

Newsweek International: "True Teamworks" (April 2005)

Science: "The Emergence of Creative Enterprise" (April 2005)

Handelsblatt (April 2005)

Investor's Daily: "Managing for Success" (June 2005)

Nature: "Highlight of Science" (May 2005)

London Times: "Dream Team" (May 2005)



Chicago Tribune: "At 25, Women's Executive Club Celebrates, Re-evaluates" (June 2004)

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (September 2003)

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (August 2003)

Financial Times: "How to Preserve the Soul of Management" (September 2002)

Chicago Tribune: "Partners Put Law Firms in Labor Bind" (April 2002)

Nature: "What every woman knows" - Book Review of Athena Unbound (April 2001)

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