Massimo Bottini

Massimo Bottini
Partner, MBC Consulting GmbH

MBC Consulting partner Massimo Bottini is a Kellogg Executive Education Scholar who's completed our Leading into the Future, Negotiation Strategies, Corporate Governance, and Business Marketing Strategies programs, among many others. He sat down to discuss the benefits of life-long learning, the value of a global perspective and more.

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How did you get started with Kellogg Executive Education?

  • I was seeking more to augment my business degree. I was an assistant to a CEO in a big group and realized I was missing skills in marketing. When I first started my Kellogg journey, I was coming two to three times a year and found it was great to space it out and focus on different subject areas.

What is your philosophy on life-long learning?

  • You shouldn’t stop learning—learn your whole life. Exec Ed is a great way to exchange ideas and stay up-to-date, and I can focus on what I really want to learn.

How did exposure to executives from all over the world help broaden your perspective?

  • Kellogg has a multicultural aspect to it. And there’s more flexibility here than there is in Europe. In other parts of the world, it’s more formal. Professors are so much more accessible than in Europe or elsewhere. You can eat with them, spend time with them, and drink wine with them. The advantage here is the accessibility. They give you their email and answer you! That’s very difficult in Europe.

What’s something concrete that you learned here that you were able to take back and implement?

  • The Negotiation program really impacted me. I applied it immediately and still use the takeaways today. It changed the way I do my business. The pricing tools I studied there taught me so much about my business and the true value for my customer. Branding was also fantastic.

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