Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Advance your career in digital marketing

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Marketing in a digital world is so much more than “digital marketing.” It’s a discipline that is driven by data, scaled through automation and optimized by analytics – all while maintaining a customer-centric focus. Demand is strong for marketers who can aptly navigate this evolving field.

The Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing program provides a launchpad for advancing your career in digital marketing. Participants will gain a broad overview of the digital marketing landscape, develop the in-demand skills that hiring managers are seeking, and discover their own unique niche in this rapidly expanding domain.

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Online Programs

Mohanbir Sawhney / Academic Director

Who Should Attend

  • Early career professionals who want to enter a high-growth field
  • Professionals looking to switch from an existing function into marketing
  • Traditional marketers or corporate communications professionals who want to build on their current skillset and develop digital marketing capabilities
  • Digital marketers seeking to expand their capabilities by taking a deeper dive into understanding both the strategic and tactical aspects of the digital marketing landscape

Key Benefits

  • Acquire a start-to-finish perspective of the strategy and implementation required to be a professional digital marketer
  • Gain hands-on experience with marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing and display ads
  • Learn how to use metrics such as SMART goals, conversion optimization, A/B tests, attribution and experimentation to optimize your marketing plan
  • Create high-impact content that engages a new generation of consumers
  • Develop ad strategies for social media with content that you plan, create and promote
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion from Kellogg School of Management Executive Education

Program Content

Module 1: Introduction to the Digital Marketing Landscape

Understand how the current landscape of digital marketing differs from traditional marketing methods and conduct a self-assessment of your skills.

Module 2: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Become familiar with fundamental concepts such as customer personas, segmentation, funnels and value propositions.

Module 3: A Framework for Marketing in the Digital World

Understand customer expectations in the digital age, learn how to measure return on engagement and gain insight into the vital role of data and automation.

Module 4: Understanding Customers and Generating Insights

Learn about the nature of customer insights through social data and AI, as well as customer experience mapping.

Module 5: Customer Segmentation and Behavioral Marketing

Discover the fundamentals of customer segmentation and how to select target markets based on behavior and responses.

Module 6: Content Marketing

Understand what content marketing is, and the skills and platforms involved.

Module 7: Search Engine Optimization

Learn the basics of how search engines work and how to optimize your content for searchability.

Module 8: Social Media (Organic)

Understand why you need a social media marketing strategy.

Module 9: The Customer Journey and Content Strategy

Discover how to align content strategy and innovations with customer intent.

Module 10: Brand Storytelling in a Digital World

Identify and create an effective brand story that resonates with consumers.

Module 11 Search Engine Marketing

Learn to leverage platforms such as Google Ads to find customers.

Module 12: Social Media (Paid)

Discover how to get your brand in front of relevant audiences.

Module 13: Email Marketing

Acquire best practices for successful email marketing and learn how to avoid the dreaded spam filter.

Module 14: Other Digital Channels

Explore other methods for expanding your reach.

Module 15: Accelerating Marketing Execution

Learn how to market better, faster and stronger for organizations big and small.

Module 16: Metrics and Measurement

Develop the ability to know what works and what doesn’t work in your marketing mix.

Module 17: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Create a process for optimizing your investments in marketing across all channels.

Module 18: Marketing Attribution, Testing and Experimentation

Identify your customer touchpoints to understand what, where and why customers purchase.

Module 19: Marketing Automation and AI in Marketing

Learn about software applications that can save time and increase productivity while still effectively engaging customers and managing relationships.

Module 20: Capstone Project

Build upon your key takeaways from the hands-on exercises and apply them in a final capstone project, pulling together the various topics covered in the program.


Mohanbir Sawhney - Academic Director; Associate Dean for Digital Innovation; McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology; Clinical Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Research in Technology and Innovation

Sharmin Attarran - Professor of Marketing, Bryant University

Matt Cardoni - Digital Marketing Educator and Consultant, Green Lightning Marketing

Kim Rust - Mobile App Product and Marketing Consultant, Rustcraft Digital

Dan Weingrod - Founder/Consultant, Bricolage Consulting; Professor of Digital & Social Media, Hult International Business School

What Participants Say

"I've taken other Digital Marketing courses (both online and on-site) and this was easily the best in my experience. The course encompassed all major digital marketing subjects, from social, email, influencer, SEO/SEM to more complex topics such as AI applied to digital marketing. The course was worth every penny. I liked it so much that I'm currently taking the other Professional Certificate course available (Product Management.) I'm applying many of the things I learned to my current job, something I cannot say of other courses I've taken."

COE Supervisor, Raytheon Professional Services

"The professors were amazing, the material was very rich. I put everything I learned into practice at work the very next day and have become more valued by the company I work for as the results are visible. Having the orientation from the best marketing professionals in the market, as well as networking with other 150 professionals in my class, was the added value that exceeded my expectations. It was a lot of dedication and hard work, which only made me value the experience even more. I highly recommend it."

Marketing Manager, Osborne International Inc

"The best part about this program were the instructors and the group of friends and connections I made through out this program. I was able to land a fantastic job while doing this program. Thank you!"

Digital Marketing Producer, Crescendo Collective


What is the program about?

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing delivers a broad overview of the digital marketing landscape and helps participants develop in-demand digital marketing skills and find their niche in this rapidly expanding field.

What is the learning experience?

Your learning experience will consist of tools and frameworks delivered via video lectures, live webinars, real world examples and downloadable content. You will put your learning into action through weekly activities, customized assignments and quizzes, discussion boards and faculty engagement. The program culminates with a capstone project, bringing together all of the key concepts from the program.

In addition, participants can earn certifications in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Hootsuite, HubSpot and YouTube. (NOTE: Some of these certifications require an additional fee. You will pay each platform directly for these certifications. Detailed instructions will be provided while you are in the program.)

What is the program format?

The program consists of 20 modules delivered over 6 months online. Learners can expect to dedicate 15-20 hours per week to watch videos, complete assignments and participate in discussions. Each module is opened weekly, allowing a flexible but structured approach to learning, with quizzes/assessments delivered at the module’s conclusion. Learners may choose to engage with the program module all in one sitting or in smaller segments of time throughout the week.

Could a learner choose to opt out of some topics?

No. This is an online program in which a topic module is introduced each week and the learner is expected to watch the video lectures, participate in the live webinars, complete the exercises/activities and take the mastery quiz at the end of each week to progress to the subsequent week’s topic.

Are any of the sessions delivered in real time (live)?

There will be 2-3 live sessions, led by faculty and/or subject matter experts, delivered during the course of the program via a video conferencing platform. These sessions provide learners an opportunity to listen and ask questions, and while they are valuable in enhancing the overall experience, attendance is not mandatory. All live sessions are recorded for later viewing.

What methods will be used for grading and evaluations?

Kellogg program leaders will review assignments, discussions and exercises to determine participants’ understanding of the material.

How much time is allocated to complete assignments?

The due date for submitting assignments is typically within 7 days of the module opening, but can be as long as 14 days, depending on the scope of the assignment. However, learners may request deadline extensions to accommodate for business and personal conflicts that may arise during the program timeframe. Reach out to the program leader to discuss any challenges you may have in completing assignments.

Can participation in this program be counted as credit toward a degree, either at Kellogg, Northwestern University or another academic institution?

No. Executive Education offers only non-degree programs and participants who meet the requirements receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program. This certificate does not count as credit toward a degree. In addition, at this time, our online programs do not count as credit toward a Kellogg Executive Scholar Certificate.

Does the program offer community engagement for learners?

Yes, participants can create a profile, connect and collaborate with peers and interact with academic/industry experts such as program leaders and teaching assistants. Office hours will be held during the program and all participants are welcome to join in with questions or to discuss assignments.

What are the requirements for accessing the program?

Participants will need the following to access the program:

  • Valid email address
  • Computing device connected to the internet (Mac/PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone)
  • The latest version of your preferred browser to access our learning platform (though not required, we recommend using Google Chrome when accessing the Online Campus for optimal experience)
  • Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) and PDF viewer to access content such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files, and transcripts
  • Additional software and resources may be required for certain programs – this will be communicated upon registration and/or at the beginning of the program
  • PLEASE NOTE: Google, Vimeo and YouTube may be utilized in the program delivery.

Do the programs offer a certificate?

Yes. Participants will receive a digital certificate of completion from Kellogg following a successful conclusion to the program. Since this program is graded as a pass or fail, participants must receive an 80% to pass and obtain the certificate. This digital certificate can be shared with colleagues and posted on LinkedIn. (PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide reports of assessments, or “transcripts,” since this is a non-degree program.)

Will completion of this program guarantee me a job or promotion in digital marketing?

No. The primary objective of this program is to give you the skills needed to be prepared for a job or to advance your career in this field. Our program support team includes digital marketing mentors and program leaders to help you reach your goals. New employment and advancement opportunities depend on a variety factors, including prior experience, education and the job market; we therefore do not guarantee a job placement upon completion of this program.

Who is Emeritus and what is their relationship with Kellogg Executive Education?

Kellogg Executive Education is partnering with Emeritus Institute of Management, an online education provider, to develop and deliver this program. By working with Emeritus, we are able to provide broader access to Executive Education, beyond our on-campus offerings, in a collaborative and engaging format that is consistent with Kellogg’s standard of quality.

Additional questions?

Please contact us by calling 847-467-6018 or email us at

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