Lean Operations

Managing risk and uncertainty

Perform a strategic operational audit. Design effective processing systems. Identify metrics to measure improvements. Based on the science of lean operations, this program will give you the tools and framework for operating a world-class organization.

Designed for executives, consultants and other individuals involved with an organization’s operations, this collaborative learning experience will show you how to optimize your organization’s costs, quality, speed and customer service — all of which will make a significant impact on your bottom line. Frameworks for diagnosing, improving and designing effective processing systems will be explored through real-world case studies, group workshops and computer-simulation models.

Under the guidance of an esteemed faculty team, you will analyze the laws that govern operations, explore the Business Process Flows Framework and investigate the critical link between operational drivers and business strategies. These exercises will help you master and implement the practice of lean operations at your organization.

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Who Should Attend

  • High-level manufacturing or service managers who shape an organization’s operations
  • Managers who want to improve existing operational systems
  • Consultants and engineers who must justify the cost of improvement projects
  • Production-control specialists
  • Federal Government managers with oversight of institutional or organizational processes

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Key Benefits

  • Linking the operational key performance indicators to the financial metrics and the operating system
  • Customize policies according to your systems’ natural tendencies
  • Analyze process flows to target improvement efforts
  • Identify strategies for increasing throughput, shortening flow time, reducing variability and improving quality while managing risk and uncertainty
  • Learn operations risk management

Program Content

The Strategic Role of Operations

  • Strategic operations framework
  • Defining improvement

The Business Process Flows Framework

  • Analyzing process flows: basic operational measures
  • Linking operational metrics with financial metrics

The Toyota Production System

  • Diagnosing common
  • Lean tools
  • Making improvements and Kaizen

Basic Process Dynamics

  • WIP, flow time, throughput relationships
  • Little’s Law
  • Internal benchmarking
  • Analyzing bottlenecks

The Corrupting Influence of Variability and Uncertainty

  • Mechanics of congestion
  • Batching effects
  • Buffering with WIP, capacity and service
  • Diagnostics

Data Driven Operations and Risk

  • Noise versus signal
  • Risk assessment
  • Controlling a process
  • Risk management strategy


Jan A. Van Mieghem - Academic Director; Harold L. Stuart Professor of Managerial Economics; Professor of Operations

Achal Bassamboo - Academic Director; Charles E. Morrison Professor of Decision Sciences; Professor of Operations; Co-Director of MMM Program

What Participants Say

“Eye openers to the potential opportunities to improve the company's bottom line in the services industry. Since I am in the consulting services industry, [this program] gave me ideas that I look forward to trying out in my company.”
Associate Partner - Aon Mergers & Acquisitions, Hewitt Associates LLC

“In a concentrated but deliberate fashion, this [program] provided a thoughtful perspective on understanding variability in a variety of processes - manufacturing, services, non-profit, and how to qualitatively and quantitatively dissect them to provide a framework for continuous evaluation and improvement.”
Medicine, Cleveland Clinic

“Every operations specialist should have the skills from this [program] in their toolbox. The knowledge…is relevant, insightful, and immediately applicable in almost any operational setting.”
Executive Director Operations, Falken Tire

2024 Session

November 18-22, 2024

Start: November 18 at 8:30 AM

End: November 22 at 12:00 PM

Format: Live Virtual Program


Kellogg School of Management

James L. Allen Center
2169 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208