Our Partnership Philosophy

Building goal-oriented outcomes and focused relationships.

Collaboration is a key part of Kellogg’s culture. That’s why we selectively partner with like-minded organizations that place a premium on education. This mindset means we create a well-rounded educational experience designed to benefit your company long after your employees leave the classroom.

All of our corporate partnerships begin with careful listening and engagement to build a big-picture view of our clients’ needs and understand their current challenges. This is critical to aligning our expertise most effectively with our partners’ learning and development organization and goals. We do more than offer programs; we build outcome-focused relationships. Our comprehensive process ensures that we understand each partner’s unique needs and offer learning solutions that will deliver full value across the entire relationship.

As part of a world-class university, we use all of the resources available to us to create one-of-a-kind learning experiences that will help your employees realize their potential and enhance their skill set. Our staff and world-class faculty hand-pick academic directors to teach in and facilitate programs. Everyone on the academic team focuses on how each component of a program builds on and relates to your objectives and learning goals. The outcome is a holistic learning experience with workshops, lectures, study groups and in-depth discussions that continue outside of the classroom and all the way back to the office.

"Organizations that equip their people to live, learn and work with greater energy, resilience and productive collaboration consistently excel."

Fred Harburg, Executive Director, Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute (KELI).

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