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Connecting leading-edge thinking to real-world business to create educational impact.

At the core of our Executive Education program development efforts is a "brain trust" of exceptional cross-disciplinary, cross-functional experts with the singular mission of keeping Kellogg’s promise to be the best executive education partner in the world. Our team is a strategically chosen mix of Kellogg faculty thought leaders, highly experienced practitioners and subject matter experts who work closely together to develop exceptional programs and foster a positive impact at all levels of the organization: individuals, teams and enterprise.

The team focuses on designing the total experience for the adult learner, which begins with a clear and complete understanding of each client’s educational and professional development needs. The team then defines the narrative arc of the subject matter and engineers a program structure appropriate to the audience. Just as important as infusing each program with intellectual rigor is ensuring the proper flow of energy throughout the experience. We make sure each individual connects with and remains actively engaged in the learning community throughout. It also means incorporating time for individual reflection and renewal, both critical to the development of new insights and the retention and subsequent application of new knowledge.

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