Executive Scholar Tracks

There is no separate fee required to become an Executive Scholar - you are automatically enrolled when you take your first qualifying program. However, anyone interested in the program is encouraged to complete a formal application. The application serves to inform the school of your intention to become an Executive Scholar, it helps the school monitor your progress through your track, and also serves as a tool to be used by you and the Executive Scholars Advisor in order to ensure that all programs in your track will qualify for a Certificate. The application is non-binding and does not obligate you to attend any programs. Your program choices can certainly change over time, as long as they still fit within the curriculum guidelines. Upon completion of the required programs, you will be awarded a Certificate of Professional Achievement. 

Click here to download the Executive Scholars Curriculum Guide.



General Management


Option One: This option requires completion of one program from four functional areas

Choose one of the Marketing & Sales track programs

Choose one of these Finance programs:
Corporate Finance: Strategies for Creating Shareholder Value
Finance For Executives
Merger Week: Creating Value through Strategic Acquisitions and Alliances

Choose one of the Leadership track programs

Choose one of these Operations & Technology programs:
Creating Strategic Value Through IT
Operations Strategy
The Science of Lean Operations 
Strategic Data-Driven Marketing
Supply Chain Management: Strategy and Planning for Effective Operations

Option Two:
Combine one of the Advanced Management Programs, the Executive Development Program, or the Women's Senior Leadership Program with any 2-5-day program. Note: If the formally offered Advanced Executive Program was completed prior to 2015, it may count towards the General Management track.

Option Three:
It is also possible to custom design a Certificate in General Management to meet the professional and executive education needs of an individual or the particular needs of an organization, based upon approval of the Kellogg Executive Scholar Advisor.



This certificate requires the completion of five executive programs within a five year period. Your first four courses taken must be completed at the Center for Nonprofit Management, and your fifth and final course must be completed at the Allen Center.
To apply for the Nonprofit Scholars track or for general questions, please contact us at 847-491-3415 or

Choose your first four courses from the following list of executive programs offered at the Center for Nonprofit Management:

Developing High Performing People
Essentials of Fundraising & Marketing
Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations
Leading a Vibrant Faith Community
Leading for the Future
Leading Successful Schools
Major Gift Solicitation Strategies
Nonprofit Finance
Nonprofit Finance II
Selling Your Impact
Strategic Leadership
Successful Fundraising Strategies
Winning Strategies

Choose one of the following programs offered at the Allen Center for your fifth and final program to complete the Scholars Program:

Constructive Collaboration: Driving Performance in Teams, Organizations, and Partnerships
Competitive Strategy
Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation
Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances
Customer Insight Tools: Turning Insight into Effective Marketing Strategies
Energizing People for Performance
Finance for Executives
Kellogg on Branding: Creating, Building, and Rejuvenating Your Brand
Kellogg on Consumer Marketing Strategy
Leading High Impact Teams
Leading Into the Future: Managing in a Changing World
Negotiation Strategies
Reinventing Leadership: A Breakthrough Approach
Strategic Data-Driven Marketing
Strategic Marketing Communications
The Customer Focused Organization: Leading Transformation in the Digital Age

Operations & Technology

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