The admissions and financial aid letter you received from Kellogg that outlines your financial aid package should be kept for your records when reporting income. Students who are making the appropriate academic progress have their financial aid renewed each year. Stipends are paid in equal payments over 12 months (September through August). Stipend payments are deposited on the last business day of the month. All payments are made through direct deposits into your bank account.

All students should refer to the Graduate School’s Web site for information concerning their tax status or the following publication: Internal Revenue Service Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Higher Education. International students should also visit the Web site of the Payroll Office at Northwestern University for more information regarding taxation.

Please note: Questions concerning taxes should be directed to the IRS by calling 800-829-3676. At Northwestern, students should contact Northwestern’s Payroll Office. Questions concerning tax treaty agreements between the US and other countries should also be directed to the NU Payroll Office. The PhD Program Office cannot provide any tax advice other than providing direction to the resources listed in the Web resources above.