Health Requirements and Insurance

Health Requirements

Newly enrolled Northwestern students are required to follow the admission health requirements of Northwestern. Please refer to the Health Service Department's Website for details. 

Newly enrolled students should print and complete the Admission Health Record (AHR) and submit it by
July 1, 2024. Penalties for not fulfilling health requirements include a fall registration hold and a non-refundable $100 late fee.

Student Health Insurance Plan

Northwestern University requires that all degree seeking students maintain health insurance. 

Part of your financial aid package from Kellogg includes coverage of this health insurance fee. 

Health insurance coverage will begin on September 1, 2024 and will end on August 31, 2025. Please note that Kellogg covers the health insurance fee for the student only; fees for dependents are not covered by Kellogg’s financial aid package. For routine medical care, students use the Northwestern student clinic at Health Service. Referrals to other doctors, if needed, would be made through the Northwestern student clinic or Searle/Student Health. 

U.S. or Permanent Residents:
You can have your own private health insurance plan or enroll in the Northwestern Health Insurance Plan. With the private medical insurance plan, you must provide proof of comparable insurance coverage in order to be waived from Northwestern's plan. Students must enroll in the plan or decline coverage by October 1, 2024.

International Students:
The Vice President for Student Affairs has mandated that all first year incoming international students must purchase health insurance from the University recommended vendor, Aetna Student Health. There will be no exceptions. The Vice President has also mandated that these same first year incoming international students will maintain coverage from Aetna Student Health (or an alternative vendor selected by Northwestern University) for the entire time they are studying at Northwestern. International students will be automatically enrolled in the plan.

All Kids Healthcare Program:

The State of Illinois also has a plan to provide affordable health insurance coverage to children living in Illinois. Please see more information on the All Kids Program website.