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Paying Vendors via University Check

How does one request a University check?

  • Step 1: Make sure you've checked to see if your event requires pre-approval, or if your vendor requires a contract; if so, you’ll need to obtain those before proceeding.
  • Step 2: Have your club's treasurer submit your vendor's itemized invoice (not a quote) via the payment request form. (Only club treasurers have access to this form.) The invoice must be billable to Northwestern, not an individual club or student, and include:
    • Vendor name; invoice number; invoice date; itemized purchase details; and payment remittance address.
  • Step 3: Allow 4 weeks for your check to be cut.* (*Payment times vary depending on if the vendor is pre-contracted or new to Northwestern.)

What is a University check?
It’s a check cut by Northwestern University on your behalf, and it comes directly from your Kellogg club funds.

In what situations do I need to pay vendors via University check?
If you’re paying any kind of service provider, making a payment on an event contract from your venue, or paying a deposit to a vendor, your only payment option is to use a University check. Students will never be reimbursed if they make a payment in either of these two situations. (More on contracted services here.) Even if your situation doesn’t require it, paying vendors and venues via University check is a great option if you can’t (or don’t want to!) pay upfront and be reimbursed.

How long does it take to obtain a University check?
It takes 4 weeks to process an invoice and pay a vendor or venue after event pre-approval has been granted and contracts have been signed. It’s your responsibility to plan accordingly and set expectations with your vendor or venue on the payment timeline.

What does one need on hand to request a University check?
You’ll need an itemized invoice from your vendor or venue. If two separate payments are required – i.e., a deposit and a balance – you’ll need two separate invoices, one for each payment amount. (For more invoice details, see the check request steps above.) 

Can I pay for branded material with a University check?
When creating commercial products such as T-shirts, mugs and bags using the Kellogg School logo and Northwestern University identity, you must use the registered trademark version of the Kellogg logo AND purchase from a Northwestern licensed vendor. Purchases made from unlicensed vendors WILL NOT BE paid by Northwestern and are ineligible for reimbursement. Prior to purchase, please send your design to the Club Coordinator for approval. Special note: The Kellogg School logo or word mark may not be printed on red products, because red is a trademarked color associated with the Kellogg's cereal brand.

Questions? Contact the Club Finance Coordinator or the Office of Student Life.