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Club Sponsorship Resources

The Kellogg Corporate Partnerships (CP) team facilitates the flow of real-world issues, insights and solutions between industry and the Kellogg community. For student clubs and conferences, CP helps to actualize sponsorship goals and to serve as a resource to Kellogg faculty and administrators looking for sponsorship best practices.

Is Your Club Eligible?

  • Corporate sponsorship is reserved for clubs of an academic or cultural nature. Non-academic clubs are not permitted to solicit companies for sponsorship.

Is Your Event eligible?

  • Corporate sponsorship may be raised for events and activities that provide an academic and intellectual gain, benefit the entire Kellogg community, or share a cultural experience that enhances the overall education. Social Activities are not permitted to solicit companies for sponsorship.

Prior to Sponsor Outreach:

  • Please reach out to CP before you begin sponsorship outreach. Your CP contact would be happy to meet and discuss your strategy, budget, and sponsorship plan.
  • When developing a list of potential sponsors, utilize business contacts, recruiters, alumni and past organizers of your activity.
  • Start early; securing sponsors takes time. Begin solicitations 4-5 months prior to the event and no less than six weeks beforehand.
  • We suggest soliciting for all of your eligible events within one succinct sponsorship package per company. Please check out the Related Resources Box for helpful templates.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Typical benefits include the ability to send a speaker, logo placement to promote event, and company event mentions in club newsletter or on Slack. CP is happy to review your benefits before sending to a company.
  • Sponsorship is standardized across clubs at $1,000/event.
  • Club sponsorship is event based. A company may not sponsor a club generally.

Confirming a Date:

  • Check the Campus Groups Calendar for potential conflicts; these can negatively affect your attendance. Also, please see the Key Dates/Guide for Company Presence on Campus for further information. 
  • Partner with other clubs to ensure a large audience for a high-level speaker.
  • Before you confirm, note that clubs should not schedule more than three events per week (includes both corporate and non-corporate events) and/or a company cannot be on campus more than two times per quarter.

Once a SPONSOR Confirms for a Club Event:

  • Please contact CP once a company agrees to sponsor with the below information so an invoice may be sent. The check will be sent to the CP office, so that it can be acknowledged by the University as a gift to the school. The check is first deposited into a University Gift Account and is transferred to the club’s account. Please note that it may take a few weeks to be posted.
    • Company Name & Address:
    • Invoice Contact Name:
    • Contact Email:
    • Club/Conference Name:
    • Event Name:
    • Event Date:
    • Sponsorship Amount:
    • Other Clubs to Split Allocation?

Once a SPEAKER Confirms to Fulfill Club Sponsorship:

  • Once the speaker is confirmed please email speakernotice@kellogg.northwestern.edu, and cc your CP contact so that a thank you note from the Dean can be sent to each speaker.
  • For other logistical planning needs please contact the Clubs Coordinator.
  • Please visit the Speaker Bureau website for more information.

Visitor Experience:

  • Let your CP contact know if the speaker has requested any meetings, as she can assist you in arranging them.
  • Ensure that someone will greet the speaker upon his/her arrival. We suggest exchanging cell phone numbers.
  • Determine who will introduce the speaker, who will close the event, and who will escort the speaker.
  • The day of the event: Make sure the AV is ready, that the speaker has water, a podium, and microphone if needed.
  • Have volunteers available to greet people as well as encourage students to take seats.
  • Please work with your club coordinator to ensure any other logistical items are arranged (this includes providing parking pass, detailed directions, speaker gifts, etc.)  

Post Event:

  • Following the event, we recommend the club send a personalized thank you to companies as well as any event highlights.