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Club Sponsorship Resources

The Kellogg Corporate Engagement team offers resources and best practices for speaker and sponsor engagement. We provide industry connections and strategic support to create a consistent, professional experience and elevate the Kellogg brand.

Is Your Club Eligible?

Corporate sponsorship is reserved for professional and cultural clubs. Non-academic clubs (social, sport) are not permitted to solicit sponsorship.

Is Your Event eligible?

Corporate sponsorship solicitation is allowed for events and activities that provide an academic and intellectual gain, benefit the entire Kellogg community, or share a cultural experience that enhances the overall education. Purely social activities are not eligible for sponsorship.

Prior to Sponsor Outreach:

  • LEVERAGE CONNECTIONS. When developing a list of potential sponsors, utilize business contacts, recruiters, recently graduated alumni and past organizers of your activity. Past organizers can be great advocates within their companies as they understand the event and its value. 
  • START EARLY. Securing sponsors takes time. Begin solicitations 2-3 months prior to the event and no less than four weeks beforehand.
  • PLAN & EXECUTE. We suggest soliciting for your eligible events within one succinct sponsorship package per company. Please check out the Related Resources Box for helpful templates.
  • WE’RE HERE TO HELP. A member of the Corporate Engagement team would be happy to meet and discuss your strategy, budget, and sponsorship plan.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Club sponsorship is event based and standardized across all clubs at $1,000/event. A company is not able to sponsor a club generally. 
  • Standard benefits include a speaker, logo placement, and event promotion in the club newsletter and/or on Slack. Please check out the Related Resources box for helpful templates
  • Sponsors receive tax credit for their gift and therefore there are limitations to the benefits provided to a company for their support.
  • Corporate Engagement is happy to review your benefits before sending to a company.

Confirming a Date:

  • Check the Campus Groups Calendar for potential conflicts. These can negatively affect your attendance and therefore the satisfaction of the sponsoring company. Also, please see the Key Dates/Guide for Company Presence on Campus in the Related Resources box for further information.
  • Partner with other clubs to ensure a large audience for a high-level speaker.
  • Before you confirm, note that:
    • Clubs should not schedule more than three events per week (includes both company and non-company events).
    • Companies can host up to two events per quarter across all clubs. Multi-firm events are encouraged and do not count towards a firm's two events. 
  • Let us know if the company has requested additional meetings or is interested in connecting to other areas of Kellogg. We can help. 

Once a SPONSOR Confirms for a Club Event:

Please email Corporate Engagement with the following information so an invoice may be sent. The check will be sent directly to Corporate Engagement. Once received, the check is deposited into a University Gift Account and is transferred to the club's SOFO account. Please note that it may take a few weeks to be posted once the check is received. 
  • Company Name & Address:
  • Invoice Contact Name:
  • Contact Email:
  • Club/Conference Name:
  • Event Name:
  • Event Date:
  • Sponsorship Amount:
  • Other Clubs to Split Allocation?

Corporate Engagement monitors open invoices and sends invoice reminders to companies. If you know that a club event was canceled and the sponsor will not be paying, please relay this information to us

Please work with the Office of Student Life on club spending guidelines as there are restrictions on both what the funding can be spent on as well as amount limits provided by Northwestern. 

Once a SPEAKER Confirms to Fulfill Club Sponsorship:

  • Create an event page on Campus Groups, where you will be prompted to upload speaker information using this form. You may also submit speaker information directly via our web form.
  • For more information on planning a speaker event, please visit our Inviting a Speaker Serial Page.
  • For other logistical planning needs please contact the Office of Student Life.
  • Please visit the Club Speaker Resources Serial Page for more information.

Post Event:

Following the event, we recommend sending a personalized thank you email with event highlights.

Looking for Conference Resources? 

  • Conference resources for inviting speakers can be found here.
  • Conference resources for soliciting sponsorships can be found here.


Kellogg Corporate Engagement | corporateengagement@kellogg.northwestern.edu





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