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Inviting a Speaker

The Kellogg Speakers Bureau is a team of three dedicated to securing external speakers, supporting Kellogg students, faculty, and staff on outreach, developing content, and hosting strategic engagements across all university channels, in order to facilitate external insights, steward relations, and elevate the Kellogg brand.

The Speakers Bureau provides services and resources for all stages of the speaker event process – from candidate identification and design of the speaker’s schedule, to on-campus or virtual hosting, post-event thank yous, and stewardship


Please review the below best practices and processes:

  1. Plan in Advance:
    • Notify Kellogg’s Speakers Bureau before inviting speakers with an intended audience of 100+ or those that have a strong connection to the university.
    • Best practice includes inviting speaker 4-6 months in advance.
    • The bureau can help strategize outreach including leveraging senior leader support, providing contact information, content considerations, and enhancing invitation with other on campus engagements.

  2. Coordinate Schedule & Content:
    • Prior to committing the speaker, review the student calendar and work with administrative support teams to avoid conflicts as much as possible.
    • Work with Speakers Bureau to develop informed and relevant content, program format, and create a speaker briefing.
    • Once confirmed, submit speaker information via our web form and list event on Campus Groups to hold the time/date. The Speakers Bureau can assist in connecting clubs with other offices including Student Experience, Special Events, KIS, Facilities, Catering, Office of Government Relations, or NU Security.

  3. Actualize your Event:
    • One month in advance, schedule & host a prep call with speaker to review content, format, logistics, visit schedule, travel, or any other special needs.
    • Review host checklist and prepare any day-of materials 5-7 days in advance. This includes:
      1. Retrieve parking pass & speaker gift (Office of Student Life),attain event time-keeping cards (speakers bureau), submit/confirm catering order, print check-in documents, prepare post-event survey)
    • Promote events to all relevant clubs, cohorts, and programs via newsletters, emails and appropriate slack channels (not general channel) to ensure your programming is accessible to as many students as possible.


Online Resources

  • Invitation Email Template
  • Speaker Briefing Template
  • Event Promotion Email Templates
  • Student Host Checklist
  • Speaker-Event Planning Guide
  • Virtual Event Best Practices
  • Student Leader Training Deck/Presentation
  • Confirmed Speaker Web Form

Speakers Bureau Administrative Contacts:         

(Contact Office of Student Life for Event Approval: Jarvis Broom)