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Inviting a Speaker

Speaker Outreach:

  • Identify programming your group would benefit from an external perspective on; Think about topics not covered in class or other professional development needs.
  • Develop a speaker list: When developing a potential speaker list, utilize business contacts, personal relationships, Kellogg alumni, and the Corporate Partnerships (CP) staff.
  • Reach out to your CP contact prior to any speaker outreach. The school has relationships with many of the speakers and companies you may be targeting and is knowledgeable on speaker outreach throughout Kellogg.
  • Begin speaker solicitations 4-5 months before the event, complete solicitations no less than 6 weeks before an event.

Once a Speaker Has Confirmed:

  • Put the event on the Kellogg Groups calendar and make sure there aren’t events that conflict. 
  • Work with other groups to cross promote your event.
  • Email speakernotice@kellogg.northwestern.edu so a thank you note from the dean can be sent. Send the speaker’s name, title, company and email as well as the event date and location. Be sure to continue to keep your CP contact in the loop as you continue to work with the speaker. 
  • Pick up a speaker gift: Gifts for club speakers are available in Student Affairs, complimentary of Corporate Partnerships. (You may also purchase a speaker gift yourself, but please note that gifts of alcohol will not be reimbursed.) Once you have notified the speaker notice system, this information will be provided for gift pick-up. Your Club Coordinator can also help with logistical needs (food orders, website, etc.)
  • Reserve an appropriately-sized classroom for your event.
  • Find useful information on promoting your event here.
  • If your speaker will be recorded, please have them fill out the speaker release form

Visitor Experience:

  • Let your CP Contact know if the speaker has requested any meetings, as she can assist you in arranging them.
  • Ensure that someone will greet the speaker upon his/her arrival. We suggest exchanging cell phone numbers.
  • Determine who will introduce the speaker, who will close the event, and who will escort the speaker.
  • The day of the event: Make sure the AV is ready, that the speaker has water, a podium, and microphone if needed.
  • Have volunteers available to greet people as well as encourage students to take seats.
  • Please work with your club coordinator to ensure any other logistical items are arranged (this includes providing parking pass, detailed directions, speaker gifts, etc.)

Other Speaker Information:

  • Groups cannot pay honorariums or expenses for speakers (speaker fees, travel expenses, accommodations).
  • Clubs should not schedule more than 3 events per week and company can be on campus up to 2 times per quarter.
  • If you are interested in inviting an international dignitary, please follow the guidelines in the International Dignitary Proposal Process.
  • If the speaker is an alum, his or her graduation year should be included in all marketing material (i.e. John Smith ’89, President, ABC Corporation).