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Kellogg Students Association (KSA) 
Click here to access the KSA website, learn more about current initiatives and reach out to one of the KSA members.
Conference Resources 
Want to plan for a conference? Click here to see the Conference Calendar, Conference policies and resources like sponsorship, financing, marketing, logistics, and registration.
Club Resources 
This is a one stop shop for club officers on how to plan and carry out an event. In this section you will find step by step instructions on following the alcohol policy, booking a room, inviting a speaker, ordering food, marketing your event and more.
KelloggGroups - How-To's/Club Tools
Learn about KelloggGroups: what it is, how to access it, and how to use all of the features available through it. This site is designed to be a help resource for both the everyday user as well as club officers.  
Kellogg News & Events