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Event Planning - Food and Venues

Pre-Contracted Venues

What is a pre-contracted venue?

Pre-contracted venues have already provided much of the documentation required for off-campus events. Using a pre-contracted venue from the list below will expedite the pre-approval process considerably!

Want to use a venue that's not on this list?
If alcohol is not sold at the venue and no contract is required, feel free to choose any venue you'd like; it won't delay the pre-approval process. (The only exception? Student residences, which are not permitted as event venues; more details are available in our off-campus event policies.)  However, if alcohol is sold at the venue, and/or a contract is required to book the venue (even if there are no plans to drink alcohol as part of the event or have any of the club funding pay for alcohol), additional documentation is required.  Please speak with the Student Life Club Coordinator and allow at least 4 weeks for document approval.

How do I formally select an event venue?

  • Step 1: Make a tentative reservation at your desired venue.
  • Step 2: Submit an event pre-approval form.
  • Step 3: If your venue provides you with a contract, attach it to your pre-approval form; your Club Coordinator will work to get it signed. Once signed, the contracted amount must be paid via University check.

Contact your Club Coordinator (847) 467-1096, or stop by the Student Life office (Suite 1391).

Pre-contracted venues

Evanston venues

Comida Cantina Restaurant  Fred Gale  847-868-8466  info@comidaevanston.com  Total: 80
+ Rooftop
Double Clutch Brewing Co. Restaurant/Entertainment  Steve Milford  312.515.4136  steve@doubleclutchbrewing.com Capacity Total: 300 Invoice Process
Firehouse Grill Restaurant  Molly Fowler  847-733-1911  pat@station2evanston.com Room 1 - Seated: 100, Standing:175
Room 2 - Seated: 24, Standing: 35
Invoice Process
Five and Dime, Taco DIablo, Blue Horse Tavern
 Daniel Kelch  847-869-4343  info@coreandrindhospitality.com Capacity Total: 150
Game room: 60
Main bar: 80
*Please ask vendor for more information on specific location capacity*
Invoice Process
Le Tour Restaurant  Danielle Daniot  224-999-7085  events@thebarnsteakhouse.com Seated:150
Standing: 300
Lock Chicago Entertainment  Brian Lee  312-646-0051  info@lockedchicago.com Escape Rooms: 10
Team Bonding Room: 50
Ten Mile House Restaurant  Eric Green  312.527.1417  eric@tmhevanston.com Capacity: 80 Invoice Process
Union Pizzeria Restaurant  Victor Giron  847-475-2400  events@unionpizza.com   Reimbursement
Union Squared Restaurant   Victor Giron  847-475-2400  events@unionpizza.com   Reimbursement

Chicagoland venues

Ace Bounce Entertainment Lindsay Uyeda 773.219.0900  Lindsay.Uyeda@stateofplay.com  Capacity Total: 500 Reimbursement
Barcocina Restaurant Desi Westfall 773-687-9949  desi@barcocinachicago.com  Capacity Total: 400 Invoice Process
Flight Club Chicago Restaurant Lindsay Uyeda  312.284.2474  Lindsay.Uyeda@stateofplay.com  Capacity Total: 500 Invoice Process 
All Chicagoland Lettuce Entertain You Various       Capacity Total: Varies  Invoice Process  
RBI Sluggers Entertainment Zach  773-251-0579  sluggerswrigleyville@outlook.com  Capacity Total: Varies per Room Invoice Process
Trader Todd's Entertainment

William Gold

773-220-5751  tradertoddgm@gmail.com  Capacity Total: 200; main bar: 120; back bar: 80 Invoice Process