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Cases & Exercises

KTAG and Dispute Resolution Research Center (DRRC) have jointly developed a comprehensive collection of teaching materials, cases, and exercises documented in a catalogue and available for purchase for a modest price. The goal in this endeavor is to provide a high quality set of teaching materials (more than 200 cases, exercises and simulations) for Teams, negotiation and decision making classes in management in a form that is easy to use.

To see a full list of cases and exercises available, as well as ordering information, please visit the Teaching Materials section of the Dispute Resolution Research Center (DRRC) Web site.

DRRC Teaching Materials

There are several sources to find cases, games, simulations, and exercises:

  • J.William Pfeiffer & J.E. Jones (1994). A handbook of structured experiences. Volumes 1-10. San Diego: Pfeiffer & Company.
  • Bowen, D.D., Lewicki, R.J., Hall, D.T. & Hall, F.S. (1997). Experiences in management and organizational behavior. 4th edition. New York: Wiley.
  • Kaagan, S.S. (1999). Leadership games: Experiential learning for organizational development. Thousand Oaks, Ca: Sage.
  • Maier, N.R.F. (1952). Principles of human relations. New York: Wiley.
  • Maier, N.R.F., Solem, A.R. & Maier, A.A. (1975). The role-play technique: A handbook of management and leadership practice. California: University Associates.
  • Newstrom, J. and Scannell, E., The Big Book of Team Building Games, NY: McGraw-Hill.
  • Nilson, C.D. (1997).More Team Games for Trainers. NY : McGraw Hill.
  • Hay Group
  • Human Synergistics
  • KTAG & DRRC cases (consultants and educators can purchase a CD-ROM set of cases for groups, teams, and negotiations). Order form for CD-ROM is available from the DRRC Web site.
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