For IC2S2 attendees, we offer two options for experiential opportunities in advance of the General Session on Thursday July 12th: a series of Skills Workshop or a Datathon.

For social science researchers and data analyst enthusiasts who are new to computational methods or want to add new tools to their toolkit, we offer skills workshops on computational psychometrics, new advances in social networks analysis, visual communication, and interactive visualization in R (Details on exact workshops to be offered will be posted in March).

For researchers equipped with computational skills who are interested in applying computational methods to datasets, we offer the IC2S2 Datathon.

Please be sure to indicate your interest in participating in either the optional Skills Workshops or the Datathon during the registration process. You may sign up for either of these pre-sessions not both.

Skills Workshops

Recommended for social science researchers and data analytics enthusiasts who are new to computational methods. Thursday, July 12 (Note – below to be updated)

Session 1: Computational Psychometrics for Educational and Psychological Assessments | Alina vonDavier and Andrew Cantine, ActNEXT

In this workshop, the instructors will use lecture, discussions, and software demos to introduce a new area, Computational Psychometrics (CP; Cipresso, 2015; von Davier, 2015), and the best assessment practices for data logging, data mining (DM), visualization, and machine learning (ML) techniques, as well as methods for evaluating results from the analyses of Big Data, even using virtual reality (VR). The session is designed for researchers with a background in measurement but less experience with data mining or machine learning.

Session 2: Now they see it: Visual communication of the patterns in your data | Steven Franconeri, Northwestern University

Within a well-designed graph or data visualization, the eyes can be a powerful tool for understanding patterns in data. But within a poorly-designed depiction of the same data, the same tasks can be inefficient, or even overwhelming. In this workshop Psychology Professor Steven Franconeri will combine an overview of data visualization techniques with hands-on exercises to illustrate how to clearly present your data to both your research colleagues and to non-technical audiences.

Session 3: New Advances in Network Analysis | Roger Guimera

This workshop will cover some new advances in network analysis. Details forthcoming.

Session 4: Creating Interactive Visualizations using R Shiny | Christina Maimone, Northwestern University Information Technology

Building on the conceptual framework about effective data visualizations presented by Professor Franconeri, this hands-on technical workshop will introduce R Shiny, a package to build attractive and interactive web applications that go beyond static data visualizations, allowing you to tell a data story and your users to interact with your analysis.


Recommended for researchers equipped with computational skills who are prepared to apply computational methods to datasets and compete.  Teams will make presentations at the conference and a prize will be awarded to the winning team.

The IC2S2 Datathon is a working session in which participants collaborate to turn datasets into insight. Data will be provided to teams who will then develop research questions and [preliminary] findings. Individuals need not have a team identified prior to registering.

Presentations will be made before judges who will award prizes to the winners. Stay tuned for more information on the datathon theme and judges.