Onward: A Retrospective of 2020 at Kellogg

When faced with massive disruption, how does a business-school community support its members while still innovating for the future? For Kellogg, the answers are in its values.


“After 2020, You Should Not Be the Same Person”

A POV on progress from the officers of the E&W MBA Program's Black Management Association

How Disruption Is “Bringing Us Together”

Inside the Kellogg Small Business Advisory Initiative

A Quick Pivot to COVID Research

A look at how Kellogg faculty started studying the economic and social impacts of the pandemic

The Hybrid Learning Model in Action

Kellogg's hybrid learning model goes far beyond connecting students to Zoom. See how students are leveraging the experience for curricular and co-curricular offerings alike.

Paying It Forward: Recruiting During COVID-19

A deep dive into the stories of four students — two domestic and two international — who tapped into the alumni network to find success in a unique recruiting year (to say the least)
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