Kellogg World Winter 2010
  Phillip Braun
  Carter Cast '92
  Anna Cieslak
  Ozge Islegen
  Willemien Kets
  James Naughton
  PJ Lamberson
  Clare Wang
  Dylan Minor
  Nicola Persico
  Antonio Moreno-Garcia
  Adam Waytz

Kellogg's new faculty

This fall, the Kellogg School welcomed these leading academics to the classroom

Phillip Braun returns to Kellogg for the second time from the University of Chicago to serve as a clinical professor of finance. He specializes in the study of emerging market economies and financial markets. Braun is a recipient of several academic awards, including the Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Research Professorship for Outstanding Research and the First Chicago Bank Research Professorship. (PhD, University of Chicago)

Carter Cast ’92, clinical assistant professor of management, is an e-commerce, marketing, and retail business strategy executive with extensive experience in building new businesses and scaling existing ones. Prior to Kellogg, Carter was president and CEO of, a multi-billion-dollar division of the world’s largest retailer, and CEO of Hayneedle, Inc., an e-commerce company.

Assistant Professor of Finance Anna Cieslak researches asset pricing, with a focus on fixed-income markets. She also studies yield curve modeling, macro-finance and financial econometrics. She is the 2007 and 2009 recipient of the Swiss Finance Institute’s Best Discussant Award. (PhD, University of Lugano)

Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences Ozge Islegen researches supply-chain management, capacity management and environmental sustainability. She also studies capacity investment strategies under a carbon-constrained environment. (PhD, Stanford University)

Willemien Kets joins Kellogg as an assistant professor of managerial economics and decision sciences. Prior to joining Kellogg, she was an Omidyar postdoctoral fellow at the Santa Fe Institute and worked for the Dutch government as an economic policy analyst. Kets studies game theory and microeconomic theory, with a focus on the modeling of boundedly rational decision makers. (PhD, Tilburg University)

Senior Lecturer of Management & Organizations PJ Lamberson comes to Kellogg from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was a senior lecturer in the Systems Dynamics group in the Sloan School of Management. His research addresses how information, products, and behaviors spread through networks, how to select members for a forecasting team, and why people turn out to vote. (PhD, Columbia University)

Dylan Minor joins Kellogg as an assistant professor of managerial economics and decision sciences. The founder of a private wealth management firm, he has a particular interest in the integration of financial and ethical choices. (PhD, University of California, Berkeley)

Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences Antonio Moreno-Garcia’s research focuses on empirical operations management. He is also interested in the effect of new technologies on supply-chain strategies. (PhD, University of Pennsylvania)

Assistant Professor of Accounting Information & Management James Naughton studies accounting and the disclosure of employee benefits, with a focus on pension benefits. His teaching interests include financial accounting, financial statement analysis, corporate governance, financial regulation, and legal issues in corporate finance and accounting. (DBA, Harvard University)

Assistant Professor of Accounting Information & Management Clare Wang researches the properties and economic impact of accounting information and accounting standards, particularly in international settings. She previously worked in the investment banking division at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong. (PhD, University of Pennsylvania)

Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences Nicola Persico comes to Kellogg from New York University, where he was a professor of economics and professor of law and society. He has received several National Science Foundation grants and was an Alfred P. Sloan research fellow. He is currently the associate editor of The American Economic Review and co-editor of Theoretical Economics. (PhD, Northwestern University)

Adam Waytz joins Kellogg as an assistant professor of management and organizations. A recipient of the National Service Research Award from the National Institute of Health, he studies ethics and morality, mind perception, social influence and self-control. (PhD, University of Chicago)


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