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2007 Kellogg Alumni Club Leaders Summit
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  Alumni Club awards
  Members of the Kellogg Executive Women's Network who received the Phoenix Award are Bets Lillo '90 (left) and Maggie Lower '07. With them is Roger Shepard, associate dean of development and alumni relations.
  Alumni Club awards
  Roger Shepard, associate dean of development and alumni relations, congratulates Germany club leader Murat Uenal '04.

Congratulations to the award winners of the 2007 Kellogg Alumni Club Leaders Summit!

The 2007 Kellogg Alumni Club Awards were presented by Roger "Whit" Shepard, associate dean of development and alumni relations, during a luncheon at the Hilton Garden Inn in Evanston. Alumni club leaders gathered from around the globe to listen to Kellogg news, share best practices and support their fellow alumni at the awards lunch.

The Domestic Club of the Year award was presented to the Kellogg Alumni Club of Atlanta for its successes, which stemmed from its members' commitment to team leadership and outstanding execution of events. Laurie Burkland Waller '00 guides this club with the help of a hard-working team consisting of Rick Berg '95, Kevin Bourke '05, Sarita Soldz '91 and Chuck Napier '89.

The Kellogg Alumni Club of Germany received the second award for the International Club of the Year. This zealous team is a small group of co-leaders: Christina Dietzsch-Kley '04, Rudiger Holzammer '88, Roman Martens '90, Murat Uenal '04 and Patrick Gottesleben '06, who all share the workload. Their most notable event in 2007 was the Portfolio Management Conference, which featured 350 professionals from 24 countries and is one of the most well-known institutional investment events in Europe.

The Phoenix Award was presented to the Kellogg Executive Women's Network. This award is traditionally given to a club that has "risen from the ashes" or restored its programming over the course of a year. The driving force that led to this club's award was its use of passion, energy and complexity as a vehicle to re-energize and re-engage its constituents. This dynamic group is led by Lois Haubold '01 and Bets Lillo '90. Over the past year these women have welcomed the following board members to their leadership team: Melissa Macek '03, Julie Kanak '05, Maggie Lower '07, Dolores Slaughter '92 and Leslye Sandberg '95.

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