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Paras Jain wedding
Paras Jain carried aloft by Kellogg friends and family during his April wedding. The ceremony introduced many of his Kellogg peers to cultural traditions that complemented their formal MBA education.

Class of 2008

Kellogg peers celebrate wedding while expanding global perspectives

by Adrienne Murrill

Many formal opportunities exist at Kellogg to develop the insights necessary to succeed in the global business market. But the student body's diversity also allows for valuable experiences outside the classroom too.

This was the case at the wedding of Paras Jain '08 and his fianc´┐Że, Neha, a traditional Indian ceremony held in the Chicago area April 7.

About 60 people from Kellogg attended, including many of Paras' classmates and Kellogg School Dean Dipak C. Jain (no relation to Paras) and family.

"Students and faculty had a chance to celebrate and witness the symbolism and rituals that came with the exchange of our wedding vows," Paras said. "The Indian wedding traditions were an entirely new experience for most of the students who attended."

Dean Jain said that the ceremony's authenticity was striking, reminding him of weddings in his home country of India. Because of this, the dean said that the wedding offered yet another chance for Kellogg peers to learn from each other. "For our students, we emphasize the importance of having a global perspective," he said. "This wedding was a wonderful opportunity for members of the Kellogg community to gain insight into another culture in a way that complements the management lessons we teach."

Traditional elements included the Sangeet program, which celebrates through music and dance the meeting of the bride and groom's families the day before the wedding. A live Indian band performed, accompanied by professional Indian dancers, and family members prepared dances as well, including one choreographed by Paras that included five Kellogg classmates.

Dean Ostilly '08 participated in Paras' dance. "When I agreed to perform, I didn't realize that my skills would be put to the test in front of 200 people," he said. "But we had a great time. This was a unique opportunity for me to experience the beautiful traditions of a different culture."

Classmate Tina Chan '08 also attended and said the event let her better appreciate diversity better. "The ceremony, blessing rituals and family bond I saw were different in tradition yet common in feelings and experiences that I think are inherent in every culture."

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