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Greater China

To do business in Greater China today is to evoke a moment in time. Kasper Leschly '03 compares its commercial landscape to that of a late 19th century America during the bustling Industrial Age, an era brimming with untapped markets and abundant potential. Leschly is one among many in the Kellogg community who are making names for themselves in the region.

Leschly and Thomas Heyerdahl Poppe '03 developed a distinct shoe style for the Chinese fashion market. Today, their company boasts more than 200 stores in 50 cities. Vivien Wang '99 recognized an unfilled niche in China's preschool market. She now manages a Montessori program that is on track to support 50 campuses by year-end. Even the news media is transforming itself: Cassian Cheung '78 oversees Next Media Ltd., a media powerhouse constantly evolving to keep pace with the technology habits of its readers. Kellogg School entered into a new type of curriculum collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. This year, the global program marks its 15th year and an esteemed reputation.

A single thread links these Kellogg leaders: An instinct to seize the opportunity that is Greater China's growing economy.

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