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June 4, 2005

I. Promotions

A. Faculty

Johannes Hörner promoted to Associate Professor with tenure
Arvind Krishnamurthy promoted to Associate Professor with tenure
Michael Mazzeo promoted to Associate Professor with tenure
Mitchell Petersen promoted to Professor
Karl Schmedders promoted to Associate Professor with tenure
Brian Uzzi promoted to Professor

Kathryn Spier to be appointed as Richard M. Paget Distinguished Professor of Management and Strategy, effective September 1, 2005.

B. Exempt

Tariq Afeef to IT Software Engineer 4
Anne Brockseker to Associate Director, Clubs
Christine Dern to Assistant Director, Admissions
Robert Doyle to IT Specialist 2
Ishrat Fatima to IT Specialist 2
Deborah Garcia to Assistant Director, Finance and Planning
Gisela Gutierrez to Associate Director, Finance and Planning
Emily Poulios to Assistant Director, Clubs
Beth Truta to Associate Director of Development

C. Non-exempt

Kathy Foley to Program Assistant 2, M&S
Kelly Foley to Department Assistant 2, EMP
Dauphine Gregory to Department Assistant 1, Admissions
Sabine Gurung to Program Assistant 2, Marketing
Diane Janura to Program Assistant, Admissions
Michelle Jung to Program Assistant 2, CMC
Meg Stuart to Program Assistant 2, MEDS
Luann Superson to Admissions Assistant, Senior
Loraine Turner to Department Assistant 2, Admissions

II. Service

A. Faculty

Department Chairs:

Ronald Dye, Mike Fishman, Shane Greenstein, Paul Hirsch, Alice Tybout and Timothy Feddersen

Program Chairs, Program Directors and Associate Deans:

Steven Burnett, Sunil Chopra, Julie Cisek Jones, Robert Gallamore, Donald Haider, Fran Langewisch, John Lavine, Alicia Löffler, Vennie Lyons, Thomas Lys, Theresa Parker, Michele Rogers, Steve Rogers, Mohanbir Sawhney, Joel Shalowitz, Whit Shepard, Daniel Spulber

Personnel Committee:

Robert Blattberg, Ranjay Gulati, Kathleen Hagerty, Thomas Lys, Alvaro Sandroni, and Kathryn Spier; Observers: Adam Galinsky and Jayanthi Sunder

Years of service on the Kellogg faculty:

35 Years:

Morton Kamien

30 Years:

Bob Calder
Ehud Kalai
Alice Tybout

20 Years:

Anne Coughlan
Michael Fishman
Deborah Lucas

15 years:

Robert Blattberg
Gregory Carpenter
Lakshman Krishnamurthi
Daniel Spulber
Swaminathan Sridharan
Karen Van Camp

B. Staff:

Years of service on the Kellogg staff:

20 Years:

Durdana Quraishi

15 Years:

Sheri Donaldson
Carla Edelston
Julie Cisek Jones
Michele Rogers
Mary Williams

10 Years:

Richard Honack
Roxanne Hori
Elizabeth Howard
Nancy McLaughlin
Sita Parameswaran
Sam Samberg
Mavis Sotnick

5 Years:

Matthew Golosinski
Judy Gould
Jim Guo
Sarah Horwick
Angela Malakhov
Bill Stevens
Christian Tabamo
James Ward

Staff Recognition

Danny Rebac: Northwestern University Service Excellence Award

Kellogg Information Systems:
Over spring break 2005, Kellogg Information Systems (KIS) staff detected and contained a security breach on the Kellogg server system. KIS staff dealt simultaneously with rebuilding affected systems; performing forensic work on the affected systems; resetting passwords of Kellogg faculty, students, and staff; assisting users with password issues; providing communication regarding the breach; as well as keeping up with their normal role of keeping the entire Kellogg system operating. This required weeks of nearly around-the-clock efforts through which the KIS staff displayed extraordinary levels of dedication and professionalism. The Kellogg community is grateful for their extraordinary efforts during this event.

III. Teaching

A. Chairs’ Core Course Teaching Awards

Mark Finn ACCT
Scott McKeon DECS
Annette Vissing-Jorgensen FINC
Mark Israel MGMT
David Besanko MECN
Julie Hennessy MKTG
Ranjay Gulati MORS
Jan Van Mieghem OPNS

B. Sidney J. Levy Teaching Awards

Sunil Chopra
David Dranove
Michael Fishman
Kathleen Hagerty
Niko Matouschek
Beverly Walther

C. Executive Masters Program Outstanding Professor Awards

EMP 58
David Messick (Core)
Sergio Rebelo (Electives)

EMP 59
Sunil Chopra (Core)
Richard Honack (Electives)

EMP 60
Artur Raviv (Core)
Sergio Rebelo (Electives)

D. Kellogg-Schulich IEMBA Top Professor

Steven Rogers

E. Lawrence G. Lavengood Professor of the Year Finalists

Linda Darragh
Julie Hennessy
Sergio Rebelo
Steven Rogers
Scott Schaefer

F. Lawrence G. Lavengood Professor of the Year

Steven Rogers

G. Alumni Reunion Outstanding Professor Award

Sunil Chopra

IV. Research & Honors

A. External Recognition

James Anderson – Named a Distinguished Research Fellow for 2005-2008 by the Institute for the Study of Business Markets

Alexander Chernev – Received 2005 Early Career Contribution Award from Society for Consumer Psychology; Member of Young Scholars Program of Marketing Science Institute

Daniel Diermeier – Appointed Co-Director of newly-founded Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems; appointed Research Fellow at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research; Appointed Member of the Management Board to the Director of the F.B.I.

Ronald Dye – Invited to speak at three doctoral consortia in spring 2005.

Andrea Eisfeldt – Received the Smith-Breeden Distinguished Paper Award for 2005 from the Journal of Finance

Shane Greenstein – Appointed Research Associate with the Conference on Research in Income and Wealth; Keynote speaker at ZEW Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technologies

Paul Hirsch – Received the Western Academy of Management Presidential Award

Ravi Jagannathan – President, Western Finance Association (2004-05)

Benjamin Jones – Appointed NBER Research Fellow

Ehud Kalai – Presidential Address to the Second World Congress of the Game Theory Society (July 2004); Martha and Jonathon Cohen Distinguished Visitor, University of Pennsylvania (March 2005)

Philip Kotler – Received Honorary Doctorate from Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania.

Robert McDonald – Distinguished Visitor, Melbourne Business School (August 2005)

J. Peter Murmann – Received the Joseph Schumpeter Prize in 2004

Joseph Pagliari – Appointed a Homer Hoyt Fellow

Steven Rogers – Received 2005 Enterprising Educator Award from National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship; received 2005 Bert King Award for Service to Harvard Business School

Paola Sapienza – appointed associate editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives

Scott Stern – Received the inaugural Ewing Marion Kauffman Prize for Distinguished Research in Entrepreneurship (January 2005)

Annette Vissing-Jorgensen – Appointed NBER Research Fellow

Klaus Weber – Received the 2004 Barry M. Richman Best Dissertation Award from the International Management Division of the Academy of Management

Andris Zoltners – Received the 2004 Practice Prize from the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science; Inducted in the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame (March 2005)

B. Sponsored Research Grants for 2004-2005

Torben Andersen – National Science Foundation
James Anderson – Institute for the Study of Business Markets
Baris Ata – Motorola Research Grant
Bob Calder – Newspaper Association of America, Magazine Publishers Association, Online Publishers Association
Gregory Carpenter – Marketing Science Institute
Sunil Chopra – Northwestern Memorial Hospital
James Conley – Walter P. Murphy Society
Leemore Dafny – Institute for Policy Research
David Dranove –Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Ron Dye – Searle Fund
Janice Eberly – Searle Fund
Andrea Eisfeldt – Searle Fund
Linda Emanuel – Jewish Healthcare Foundation
Michael Fishman – National Science Foundation
Adam Galinsky – National Science Foundation
Mark Israel – Searle Fund
Kathleen Hagerty – Searle Fund
Mark Jeffery – NCR Teradata
Thomas Prince – National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research; American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association
Michael Radnor – National Science Foundation; US Department of Education, MATI, Rockwell Automation
Adriano Rampini – Searle Fund
Sergio Rebelo – National Science Foundation
Mark Satterthwaite – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; National Science Foundation
Mohan Sawhney – Microsoft Corporation
Sri Sridharan – Searle Fund
Scott Stern – Kauffman Grant
Rakesh Vohra – National Science Foundation

C. 2004 Intellectual Output

97 Articles, 46 Cases, 9 Book Chapters, and 17 Books

D. Reiter Best Paper Award

David Dranove, Daniel Kessler, Mark McClellan, Mark Satterthwaite
“Is More Information Better? The Effects of ‘Report Cards’ on Health Care Providers” Journal of Political Economy (Vol. 111, No. 3)

Abstract: “Health care report cards – public disclosure of patient health outcomes at the level of the individual physician or hospital or both – may address important informational asymmetries in markets for health care, but they may also give doctors and hospitals incentives to decline to treat more difficult, severely ill patients. Whether reports cards are good for patients and for society depends on whether their financial and health benefits outweigh their costs in terms of the quantity, quality, and appropriateness of medical treatment that they induce. Using national data on Medicare patients at risk for cardiac surgery, we find that cardiac surgery reports cards in New York and Pennsylvania led both to selection behavior by providers and to improved matching of patients with hospitals. On net, this led to higher levels of resource use and to worse health outcomes, particularly for sicker patients. We conclude that, at least in the sort run, these report cards decreased patient and social welfare.”

©2002 Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University