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  Dean Dipak C. Jain
From the Dean

Dear Kellogg School Alumni and Friends,

It is my pleasure to note that July marks the fourth year of my tenure as dean. This is a role that has enabled me, and my colleagues, to interact with many of you, seeking your perspectives as we continue to innovate in the course of enhancing the Kellogg School's image.

I can say honestly that I have enjoyed every minute of this time.

Four years has passed quickly for me, with much activity and travel to strengthen the Kellogg brand worldwide. (You can read about some of these efforts on page 36.) But four years is also the duration of a presidential term, representing a significant amount of time and a milestone that invites reflection.

Since July 2001, the Office of the Dean has not been content merely to maintain the (admittedly excellent) stature of Kellogg; we have also taken steps to refine the curriculum, culture and vision of the school to make certain Kellogg remains on target to achieve even greater goals.

We have pursued these ends by keeping before us three key objectives that I established early on. These are:

1. Building the Kellogg brand

2. Strengthening our alumni network

3. Enhancing the global reputation and visibility of the school

Tangible proof that we continue on the proper track comes in many forms, including our top positions in national and international business school rankings over the past four years. We have also enhanced our full-time MBA curriculum with such innovations as our Pre-term courses and our efforts to build the leadership platform through specially designed courses that benefit all our students.

Indeed, leadership remains a top priority throughout the school. We have created a special task force to identify our particular leadership strengths, as well as the best ways to leverage those strengths to create further enhancements to the Kellogg academic experience. Over the past few months, this task force has explored holistically the initiatives we currently offer and is formulating its strategic recommendations to move us forward. We are confident that by listening to all our key constituents, including faculty, staff, students, alumni and recruiters, we are making significant progress in taking the Kellogg School to the next level.

Then, too, with new customer programs, we have bolstered our corporate relationships, as well as our connections to the public and government sectors. The list of Kellogg School clients is numerous and includes Microsoft, GE, American Express, the FBI and other government agencies.

On the alumni side, we have made strides to bring greater networking power to our community through the Kellogg Alumni Web site. In addition, Reunion attendance has increased by 20 percent for three straight years.

Another initiative whose accomplishments make us proud is the Kellogg Center for Executive Women, about which you will learn more in these pages as we celebrate several of our top female alumni and staff with profiles. Founded in 2001, the Center's mission is providing women with the strategic tools to achieve senior leadership roles. It is important work and with our research and resources Kellogg is playing a critical role in transforming the corporate landscape.

With the launch of our Kellogg-Miami Executive MBA initiative, we also continue creating more opportunities for those who wish to enhance their professional lives. This program, designed to provide executives from Latin America and the Southeastern United States access to Kellogg, further expands our school's global footprint. We look forward to developing this initiative as we keep finding ways to serve our alumni and others with rigorous but flexible programs that meet their intellectual needs and allow them to stay connected with Kellogg throughout their lives.

As you see, we have been busy during the last four years, and we know that delivering on the Kellogg School brand promise will keep us busy in the days before us. This journey is an exciting one and it is really just beginning. Join us.

Warmest personal regards,

Dipak C. Jain signature

Dipak C. Jain

©2002 Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University