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Loffler, Medvec, Buck, Thompson and Ellington-Booth
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Kellogg faculty administrators provide a valuable function in connecting business education with high-level corporate executives across a variety of areas. Some of these people include, left to right, Alicia Löffler, professor and director of the Kellogg Center for Biotechnology; Victoria Husted Medvec, the Adeline Barry Davee Professor of Management and Organizations and director of the Center for Executive Women; Michelle Buck, clinical associate professor of management and organizations and associate director of Executive Programs; Leigh Thompson, the J. Jay Gerber Distinguished Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations and director of the Kellogg Teams and Groups Center; and Brenda Ellington Booth, clinical assistant professor of management and organizations and associate director of Executive Education.
Personally speaking...

"Kellogg provides an environment that is comfortable rather than cutthroat, that is open and collegial while remaining academically rigorous. That's valuable for anybody, but if you are part of a minority group this quality is even more beneficial." Fran Langewisch, assistant dean and director of student life

"Kellogg has been very open to diverse talent. Over 15 years ago, the number of women and minorities in the administration exceeded that of most other business schools. Dean Jacobs' staff included women and minorities at all levels, and Dean Jain has demonstrated the same openness to selecting the strongest candidate for the position." Michele Rogers, assistant dean and director of student academic affairs

"Women face unique challenges not only in their decision to attend business school but as they build careers. The WBA helps prepare students ... for landing the job they want, and connects them with alumnae who can share experiences. We also want to increase awareness and participation within the male community at Kellogg. Both women and men have few strong female role models, so the WBA is working with other Kellogg clubs to provide these models through speakers, panels and conferences." Amanda Lewis, president, Kellogg full-time program Women's Business Association

"Kellogg has long been gender-neutral a tribute to [Dean Emeritus] Don Jacobs, who focused on a person's performance and rewarded people accordingly. Gender was an issue only insofar as Don was anxious to identify and hire well-qualified female faculty, and he had no patience for anyone who might feel otherwise. Needless to say, this tradition continues today with Dean Jain." Prof. Alice Tybout, Marketing Dept. chair

"Management and Strategy is undertaking a program review this year. My colleagues have shown their confidence in me to lead this process, despite my having an academic background in public economics that varies from that of most of my peers. They trust my judgment, and that tells me that gender doesn't matter in our department." Prof. Therese McGuire, Management and Strategy Dept. chair

"When senior-level executive women are able to achieve top positions in corporate leadership and on boards, the whole corporation benefits." Brenda C. Barnes, president and CEO of Sara Lee Corp.; steering committee member, Center for Executive Women

"Research shows that success markers money, titles, office size matter less to women than they do to men. But women must understand this 'scoreboard' and engage in it in a way that's acceptable to them, because there are consequences to not self-promoting, not going after a top job. Ginger Graham, president and CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals; steering committee member, Center for Executive Women

"The WBA has allowed many of us to have one-on-one contact with women who have succeeded in the workplace during a much tougher time, facing a 'glass ceiling' that most of us cannot imagine. Their stories have inspired me and hopefully all the female and male students who have had the opportunity [to hear them speak] through WBA events." Jill Foss, president, Kellogg TMP Women's Business Association

"In an academic setting, people's work is evaluated by its intellectual contribution. Kellogg has traditionally developed a culture where people are recognized for their contributions, regardless of gender. This is an environment where talented people can thrive." Prof. Jan Eberly, Finance Dept. chair

"For Kellogg grads to have the opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams, the playing field had to be leveled.... Our alumni are important beneficiaries of Center efforts as we develop programs for them and transform the work environment. Increasing recognition of the success of organizations with women at the top will increase opportunities for them in the years ahead." Prof. Wally Scott, co-founder, Center for Executive Women

"Participants who attend our general management programs know that continuous education is important for career advancement, and the Kellogg name makes a difference. To break into the executive ranks, it's vitally important for women to obtain the best education they can get to be respected and taken seriously." Prof. Brenda Ellington Booth, associate director of Executive Education

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