Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2018




Igor Correa Netto

Igor and his wife, Fernanda, are personally happy with the birth of their first child, João Vicente, 17 months ago. The house has never been the same! Professionally, after spending two years at Johnson & Johnson working as a product manager, Igor decided to make a larger impact in the digital transformation of the different industries by joining Accenture Interactive and working as a consulting manager for the digital practice.

Paul Lee

Paul, of Washington, DC, a summer associate of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, and his wife, JV Jahee Koo, a student for the MS in predictive analytics at Northwestern, welcomed their newborn son, Jayden, in May 2017.

Eric Lucchesi

In addition to his recent professional jump to McKinsey & Company, Eric continues to flourish as an amateur photographer. His photography focuses on his world travel exploits, including recent trips to Jordan, Morocco and Cuba. Several of his viral Instagram posts have been picked up by Field & Stream magazine and are set to debut in the October issue!

Namrata Mujumdar

Namrata launched Amp Politics, a civic engagement startup that helps everyday citizens take high-impact actions that influence the political process.

Nicolas Takamine

Nick is launching an independent strategy consultancy to advise nonprofits and other mission-driven enterprises on their strategy and organization challenges. He and his wife, Chelsea, are settling into their new home in Oakland, CA, and are continuing to enjoy the California outdoors.

Jason Yeh

Jason is proud to share that he launched a startup on Indiegogo called “Sound Huggle – The World’s Coziest Headphones.” The idea for the headphone-earmuff product was actually conceived during a walk to the Jake during the polar vortex chill back in January 2014. He is happy to be a resource and share lessons learned behind crowdfunding for Kickstarter or Indiegogo.