Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2018




Denise Bindelglass

Morris Denise lives in Lincoln Park with her husband, Don, a PGA golf pro, and their children Paulina, Susanna and Brody. She runs people teams for market-leading companies in Chicago, most recently having joined Active Campaign, a fast-scaling CRM business. Recently, she retired from her adjunct professor role at NU-McCormick.

Deborah Fuhr

100 Women in Finance (100WF) presented Deborah the 100WF 2017 European Industry Leadership Award in October 2017. This award recognizes a woman whose professional talent, business ethics and passion for investing help define and advance the industry’s standards of excellence. Deb is the managing partner/ co-founder at ETFGI LLP, an independent research and consultancy firm. She is one of the industry’s eading commentators about the significance of the ETF industry.

Andres Ibanez

Andres received a recognition for 30 years serving as marketing professor at P. Universidad Catolica de Chile, Business School, starting after his return from Kellogg. During these years in Santiago, Chile, he has also participated in entrepreneurial ventures and served as a member of several different corporate boards. He and his wife, Carolina, are proud parents of six children and, since December 2017, one grandchild. They welcome all their Kellogg friends to come to visit them in Chile.

Joseph Jye-Cherng Lyu

Joseph was appointed as chairman at Bank of Taiwan, the largest bank in Taiwan. He was also elected as chairman of the Taiwan Bankers Association.

David Munn

Dave is the co-author of the book “A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing: Accelerating Growth in Strategic Accounts” (Kogan Page, 2017). He never imagined writing a book 25+ years ago, but it has helped him connect with marketers all over the globe, including numerous Kellogg alumni.

Zain Naqi

Zain moved back to New York after 27 years in the U.K. He has accepted a new position as managing director and portfolio manager at Neuberger Berman where he is working with some ex-colleagues from Goldman Sachs. Zain and his wife, Gulseren, are glad to be back in the States to be closer to family and friends.

Jeffrey Ward

Jeffrey continues to leverage his passion for aviation and travel with his latest venture, Savvy Navigator, a luxury travel advisory and trip-planning agency. After founding and selling his African photo-safari company a few years ago, he and his team now work with his clients (many of whom are fellow Kellogg alums) to plan and execute the perfect vacation experience.

Bryan Youd

After 30 years of executive-level industry and consulting experience, Bryan retired from the corporate and private equity consulting arena. He has rejoined the retained recruiting firm JD Bryson, which he founded in 2013, and plans to reengage as the firm’s managing partner. Bryan is also a doctoral candidate in organizational leadership.