Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2018




Peter Cobb

After co-founding, the largest online travel goods and accessory store, Peter recently sold the company to Samsonite. Peter exited eBags after the sale and is on the board of directors of DSW. With all three kids out of the house, he and his wife live in Denver, CO.

Gwen Cohen

Gwen is the new chair of a citizens advisory board at Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of Performing Arts. As financial vice president/wealth adviser at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, her expertise is in serving the financial needs of individuals, families and business owners. Now she also helps advocate for CCPA students’ well being. Gwen is a member of WTTW’s Advisory Council and the Goodman Theatre’s Spotlight Society and has also served on the Kellogg Alumni Council.

Mark DaSilva

Mark is director of product marketing, management and development at North American Pipe in Houston, TX. The company is an innovator in providing solutions to its customers’ greatest challenges in moving the world’s most precious resource: water.

Les Golden

Les has become a writer. “Never Split Tens,” a novel based on the life of a blackjack card-counting guru, was published in 2017 by Springer. It’s funny, romantic, charming and mathematically accurate. Next up is New “Comedy Dialogues for Actors: The Role of Status and Fibbing in Characterization.”

Deborah Henken

Deborah is an Encore Fellow, serving as director of marketing at Encore Fellowships Network. Encore places seasoned professionals in part-time roles for a year at social impact organizations to contribute their talent and skill. Deborah and her husband are designing their house for a move from the San Francisco Bay area to the Florida Keys. She lives near Kathy Gogan and had dinner with Tom Williamson when he was in the Bay Area recently.

Craig Kensek

Craig was named a volunteer of the year. He continues to actively attend “Best of Broadway,” Silicon Valley Directors Exchange and Commonwealth Club events and actively posts on LinkedIn. He applauds local alumni groups for their events and gives mega demerits to alumni networks with respect to responsiveness when queried about career ops. He also became a partial owner of Umunhum Brewing, California’s first co-op brewery.

David Kerr

Dave is happily pursuing “Chapter 3.” He’s done with the corporate world and doing low-key consulting on general aviation in China. He worked for a Chinese company 2005-2015; during the weekends he was able to reconnect with the Hong Kong villagers and guerrillas who rescued his father, a U.S pilot who was shot down during WWII.