Kellogg World Alumni Magazine Winter 2009

Strategic Marketing Management

Alexander Chernev offers a 'concise and problem-oriented' guide to solving complex marketing challenges

By Matt Golosinski

  Alexander Chernev

In a simpler time, marketing was accomplished through advertising and sales — straightforward tactics that, decades ago, were sufficient to generate decent value.

Today, marketing is a far more sophisticated endeavor. Globalization and information technology have created new challenges, and customers and others increasingly exert more influence on how a company designs, promotes and delivers its products and services.  

"We live in a networked world, which calls for a fundamental change in how we think about marketing," says Kellogg Associate Professor Alexander Chernev.

In his recently published Strategic Marketing Management (Brightstar Media, 5th ed.), Chernev provides a clear analytical framework designed to help both MBA students and practitioners handle a discipline he says is complex, diverse and still evolving. He offers an integrative framework for streamlining marketing analysis and planning to help marketers produce value for customers, the company and its partners.

"This book was developed to be concise and problem-oriented," Chernev says. "It presents content that is easily accessible to a broad audience — from business students to senior executives. The goal is to help managers solve complex problems and help students become managers who can solve such problems."

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