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Making a world of difference
Big picture in focus
Sally Sharp Lehman '88
Joseph Hasten '78
James Reynolds '82
Jamee Field '04
Rick Waddell '79
Daniel Hayden '01
Melanie Chan '06
Horace Allen '04
Joseph Seminetta '05
David Pope '94
Cory Zanin '91
Well and good, but does it work?
Making a difference in the curriculum

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  Making a world of difference

Big picture in focus

These alumni are on a leadership journey that helps others

Strategic plan for life inspires environmental advocate Sally Sharp Lehman '88

Joe Hasten '78: Mission and competitive advantage can be one

Financial expert James Reynolds '82 is changing some bleak numbers to offer a better life for Chicago's poor

Jamee Field '04 brings success and significance together in conservation efforts

Northern Trust CEO Rick Waddell '79 knows the upside of the upside-down org chart

Daniel Hayden '01 takes a 'Rare' chance to clean up the planet

Rich in spirit, Melanie Chan '06 finds purpose in service to the poor

Fighting against a 'permanent underclass', Horace Allen '04 moves others toward excellence

Passion for education finds Joe Seminetta '95 creating a rich community resource

Servant leadership inspires Oak Park president David Pope '94 to build community

Public radio offers Cory Zanin '91 chance to make a 'world' of difference

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