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Dean Dipak C. Jain and T. Bondurant French '76
Dean Dipak C. Jain, the Sandy and Morton Goldman Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, left, with T. Bondurant French '76, Northwestern University trustee and CEO of Adams Street Partners, at the Feb. 20 Kellogg Dean's Council Dinner. Mr. French is profiled in this edition. News about Dean's Council appears in the article "Dean's Council Dinner honors loyal Kellogg supporters."  Photo © Nathan Mandell

Letter from the Dean

Dear Kellogg School Alumni and Friends,

This year marks the Kellogg School's Centennial, an extraordinary achievement that has seen us grow from a small, part-time evening program begun in 1908 in downtown Chicago to a global leader in management education.

The journey has been exciting and challenging. It has enlisted the talents of many people through the years, making the accomplishment a true team effort — and a perfect representation of the collaborative culture here. We should all feel proud of where we have taken Kellogg today, even as we look forward to scaling new heights. You will find more information about Centennial, including events planned for 2008, in this edition.

One way that organizations flourish in today's global market is by embracing diversity's power. At Kellogg, we have long respected the differences that make us a rich community. Now, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Interdisciplinary Center on the Science of Diversity. This initiative, co-chaired by Professors Katherine Phillips and Galen Bodenhausen, will promote research and stimulate dialogue around the topic of diversity in ways that lead to theoretical and practical insights. The Center is another indication of the value that Kellogg places on diversity, and it will collaborate with all areas of the school, including our Office of Diversity and Inclusion, led by Angela Edwards-Campbell (see "Kellogg launches Center on Science of Diversity").

You will also find diversity among the alumni highlighted in this magazine's cover story, but you will discover something that remains consistent, too, across all these profiles: community-spirited values. These Kellogg graduates demonstrate an ability to use leadership skills in ways that make a significant difference for others. Whether pursuing initiatives that enhance educational opportunities for the less fortunate, developing innovative ways to help conserve the planet's natural resources, or serving in senior municipal or corporate roles, these individuals are living embodiments of the Kellogg School's goal to create leaders who care.

This culture of caring is especially important during difficult economic times, such as we see with today's market volatility. The Kellogg School Office of the Dean and our Career Management Center (CMC) are aware of the overall economic turmoil — and of the particular challenges facing those in the financial sector — which is why our team is prepared to assist our alumni affected by these circumstances.

As we look ahead to the Kellogg School's next decades, we know that management education will continue to shift to meet the needs of students and practitioners. I also believe that the best business schools will work more closely with universities in ways that make those schools "hubs" for interdisciplinary scholarship. Such research will have profound implications for making the world a better place, and for the global leaders that Kellogg educates — people who will be challenged to be successful and to make a significant impact. Your support in this effort is welcome and necessary.

Warmest personal regards,

Dipak C. Jain

Dipak C. Jain

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