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Alumni Relations, TMP reorganized
New directors to expand Kellogg alumni outreach and create sense of community for TMP students

By Heidi Diedrich

Jim Corboy, a 1994 graduate of the Executive Master’s Program, has been named director of alumni relations for the Kellogg School of Management. He replaces Megan Byrne Krueger ’90, who moves to the post of assistant dean and director of student affairs for The Managers’ Program (TMP), from assistant dean and director of alumni relations for the Kellogg School.

  Jim Corboy '94
Jim Corboy KSM '94
Corboy’s appointment marks one in a series of initiatives led by Dean Dipak C. Jain to build a stronger, more powerful alumni network throughout the world. This effort is part of an overall initiative by Dean Jain to reach out to students, faculty, alumni and corporate partners to share his vision for the Kellogg School, to gain insights into their hopes for the school’s future and to translate what he hears into action.

Part of that vision includes building upon the Kellogg School’s already successful alumni relations program to increase its focus nationally and internationally.

“Alumni relations is a top priority for the Kellogg School,” said Jain. “We need to find new and innovative ways to enhance this program, to reach out and connect to the tens of thousands of alumni around the globe.”

Which is why Kellogg tapped Corboy for the alumni relations post.

“We needed someone who could bring in fresh ideas, someone who had the marketing experience and technological savvy to identify new channels to reach our graduates,” said Jain. “That person needs to be innovative, dynamic, creative and, above all, comfortable working with a range of individuals — from students to corporate leaders.

“Jim fits the profile perfectly,” Jain added.

For more than 20 years, Corboy has been associated with and helped market some of the most notable consumer and entertainment products in the world: Coca-Cola, TerraLycos Networks, Tribune Entertainment, WMAQ-TV/NBC 5 Chicago and music television network VH1. He now plans to use that marketing savvy to enhance the Kellogg global brand.

“The Kellogg School is one of the strongest brands in the business world,” said Corboy. “As a leader, it boasts some of the strongest academic talent in the field — its faculty, students and administration. The question is: how do we build on the alumni aspect of that brand? How do we take it to the next level?”

Corboy believes his experiences in the consumer and entertainment industries will help address such questions.

“Kellogg alumni feel an intense connection to the school, even more so than how many consumers feel about their favorite media or consumer brands,” noted Corboy. “We have what every marketer dreams of: permission to harness that passion. Our goal is to build upon the strong foundation that already exists.”

For Corboy, figuring out how to do so will be the magic of the challenge.

Megan Krueger KSM '90  
Megan Krueger KSM '90  

In her new role at TMP, Megan Krueger will face challenges similar to Corboy’s. Krueger will help strengthen the connection between part-time students and the Kellogg School culture, said Jain. Part of that culture includes encouraging greater involvement in extracurricular activities, a hallmark of the Kellogg experience.

Krueger will work closely with Associate Dean and Director of TMP Vennie Lyons to develop a student affairs program that enhances the total experience for part-time MBA students.

“One of my initiatives is to invest in the evening program — to create a sense of community for these students,” explained Jain. “Megan, as a product of the TMP program, has the right skills, the right level of enthusiasm and the high energy level to make this happen.”

Krueger will also act as liaison to the Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago (KACC), working closely with its leaders to develop a stronger sense of community for KACC events in Chicago.

Corboy’s office is located in the Donald P. Jacobs Center on the Evanston campus; Krueger’s office is located in 340 E. Superior on the Chicago campus.

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