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Optional Online Videos

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Video Title:

12 Angry Men- Part 1 43:31
12 Angry Men- Part 2 52:32
A Class Divided 17:47
Days of Thunder 9:26
Glen Gary Glen Ross 12:28
Herb and his Airline 11:04
Hitman Hart 2:04:54
Ideo 6:54
Ingersoll Rand 7:55
Lincoln Electric 11:02
MTV- Behind the Scenes 11:28
Networking Is More Than Lots of Names, Says Heidi Roizen 50:01
Pink Panther 14:40
Revisiting Challenger NYT 2014 19:50
Simpsons 9:19
Southwest 4:27
NASA Group Think Analysis 7:14
How NASA Changed its Organization Design 51:25
Rogers Commission Court Investigation 3:11
Speed is Life 20:52
The Deep Dive 20:54
The Merchants of Cool 53:21
The Power of Persuasion 54:18
The Scuffed Halls of Ivy 13:26
Under Fire 50:07