Recent Papers

Optimal Experimentation. With Cesar Martinelli.

Gridlock and Inefficient Policy Instruments. With Wioletta Dziuda, Bard Harstad, and Antoine Loeper.

Public Disclosure, Private Revelation or Silence: Whistleblowing Incentives and Managerial Policy. With Timothy Feddersen.

A Note on Preference Uncertainty and Communication in Committee. With Timothy Feddersen.

Recent Publications

Austen-Smith, David and Timothy Feddersen. 2009. Information Aggregation and Communication in Committees. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. B 364(1518): 763-769.

Austen-Smith, David. 2008. "Political Competition." In New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, edited by Lawrence Blume and Steven N. Durlauf, London, UK: Palgrave MacMillan, 2nd edition.

Austen-Smith, David and Timothy Feddersen. 2006. Deliberation, Preference Uncertainty and Voting Rules. American Political Science Review. 100(2): 209-217.

Austen-Smith, David and Michael Wallerstein. 2006. Redistribution and affirmative action. Journal of Public Economics. 90(10-11): 1789-1823.

Austen-Smith, David. 2006. "Economic Methods in Positive Political Theory." In Oxford Handbook of Political Economy, edited by Barry W. Weingast and Donald Wittman, 899-914. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press.

Austen-Smith, David and Roland G. Fryer Jr.. 2005. An Economic Analysis of 'Acting White'. Quarterly Journal of Economics. 120(2): 551-583.

Austen-Smith, David and Timothy Feddersen. 2005. "Deliberation and Voting Rules." In Social Choice and Strategic Decisions: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey S. Banks, edited by David Austen-Smith and John Duggan, Springer-Verlag.


Some corrections to Positive Political Theory II
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Lectures on Voting and Information Aggregation
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