Acknowledging Co-Authored Work within the Dissertation

A student’s dissertation may include co-authored work with another student and/or a professor. This co-authored work may be found in a chapter or essay within the dissertation. The student’s dissertation committee sets the guidelines and requirements for the student’s dissertation and provides final approval of the finished document. However, the Dean’s Office would like some standardization in how students acknowledge co-authors within the dissertation. Below is the format that students should follow:

  • The co-author(s) should be listed on the table of contents (next to the paper title).
  • The co-author(s) should be listed next to the title on the title page of the essay/chapter.

An example of this format can be found in Enrichetta Ravina’s dissertation through ProQuest

In the basic search section, type in “Ravina, Enrichetta.”

So you can see how co-authorship is acknowledged, an example Enrichetta Ravina’s dissertation title page, table of contents, and title page to Chapter 2 is also available as a pdf (.pdf). Please follow this format.