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The Kellogg Career Management Center reported today that 95 percent of the Full-Time Class of 2015 received a job offer by three months post-graduation.

Ninety-five percent of the Full-Time class of 2015 received an offer by three months post graduation, as reported Nov. 16 by Kellogg’s Career Management Center (CMC).

Offers, acceptances and salaries rise for Kellogg’s Full-Time MBA students

Strong employer demand coupled with best-in-class Career Management Center drove employment outcomes

11/16/2015 - Ninety-five percent of the Full-Time Class of 2015 received an offer by three months post-graduation, as reported today by Kellogg’s Career Management Center (CMC). Kellogg also saw an increase in acceptances this year — 92 percent of students accepted a full-time offer by three months post-graduation.

The Full-Time Class of 2015 also saw a bump in median salary, rising to $123,000 from the $120,000 reported in 2014.

“Kellogg has made significant investments in the Career Management Center over the past three years. Our staff has grown by 30 percent, including individuals focused on coaching and business development,” said Mark Gasche, managing director, Career Management Center. “With this expanded team, we are able to more closely counsel and coach students, resulting in deeper relationships.”

Kellogg established a business development team in response to increased student interest in industries and employers that do not traditionally recruit on campus, said Gasche. This enabled Kellogg to build new relationships with highly sought-after companies.

Employer demand for Kellogg talent remains high across geographies and industries. The top industries where Kellogg full-time students accepted jobs include: Consulting (35 percent), Finance (19 percent), Technology (15 percent) and Consumer Packaged Goods (12 percent).

“Kellogg has long been recognized for our best-in-class general management curriculum,” said Gasche. “We prepare leaders to drive growth in complex organizations across a wide range of industries.”

Entrepreneurship continues to be a strong focus. This year, 39 students started their own business or accepted a full-time position with a startup.

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