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Kellogg healthcare experts weigh in on the Affordable Care Act.

Affordable Care Act roundup

Taking Obamacare's vitals

Kellogg thought leaders help the public and press understand the Affordable Care Act

12/16/2013 -
As the Affordable Care Act continues to dominate the news, thought leaders from Kellogg continue to share their expertise on the pressing issue.

Q&A: What the Health-Care Law Delay Means for Small Businesses
In the Wall Street Journal, Professor Leemore Dafny, who recently wrote about a year spent as the Federal Trade Commission’s healthcare expert, discusses the ACA’s delay for buying insurance via online exchanges until 2014 and its impact on small businesses.
In the Chicago Tribune’s new Blue Sky edition, Professor James Shein and Professor Emeritus Walter Scott comment on the management of private contractors working on the Affordable Care Act rollout.

Healthcare Expert on Obamacare Delay
Interviewed for WGN-TV, Professor Craig Garthwaite speaks on the Affordable Care Act delay and the website’s issues.

Dafny, Garthwaite and Professor David Dranove, director of Kellogg's Health Enterprise Management Program, discuss President Obama’s temporary fix to the health care law in the Chicago Sun-Times

Business Insider reprints a byline article by Dranove and Garthwaite about the ACA and President Obama’s promise.

The Washington Post's Wonkblog turns to Garthwaite to explain the workforce impact of the ACA.

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