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Doug Conant, founder and CEO of ConantLeadership and former president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company, is the founder and Chair of the Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute.

Doug Conant ’76 to lead new Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute

C-suite leadership development

Doug Conant ’76 to lead new Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute

Kellogg School has announced its newly formed Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute (KELI), founded and chaired by Doug Conant, founder and CEO of ConantLeadership and former president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company. Through KELI, Kellogg will augment and strengthen existing senior-level executive education programs, as well as design new approaches for C-suite leadership development and drive research that explores key issues facing CEOs.

“Kellogg has always been a premier management education institution for every stage of business leadership,” says Kellogg School Dean Sally Blount. “With Doug on board at Kellogg, we have a tremendous opportunity to build on our tradition of excellence in preparing executives to succeed and lead at the highest level of their enterprise, in the C-suite and on boards.”

Mr. Conant, who is also a Kellogg alumnus from the Class of 1976, will bring his personal leadership experience and practitioner perspective to Kellogg to complement the academic experience the school provides in its executive education programs targeted to top-level executives. Mr. Conant will collaborate with Kellogg’s executive education team and faculty to develop and introduce the first new programs in 2014.

“While at Kellogg, I meaningfully advanced the leadership philosophy that has been foundational to my corporate journey: to be tough-minded on standards of performance and tender-hearted with people in a principle-centered way,” says Mr. Conant. “I cannot imagine a better environment in which to build this institute than Kellogg -- to foster personal and professional development that leverages the best thinking of a world-class business school with the best practices of the private sector in a manner that enables leaders to flourish, grow and contribute at the highest levels of their organizations.”

In addition to his roles at ConantLeadership and Campbell Soup Company, Mr. Conant is non-executive chairman of Avon Products and chairman of the CECP (Formerly known as the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy). He is also the New York Times best-selling author of Touch Points: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments.