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MOSAIC - Celebrating Kellogg's Global Diversity

  • Professor Derek Rucker leads the Global Ad Review — in which students watch and deconstruct commercials from all over the world — during MOSAIC Week.
  • Students attend MOSAIC Week's Global Ad Review.
  • Students gather in the atrium for MOSAIC Week TG.
  • Students celebrate diversity at MOSAIC Week TG.
  • The Jewish Business Association table at MOSAIC Week TG.
  • Live music makes for a lively MOSAIC Week TG.
  • Students attend Monday's keynote address.
  • Keynote speaker Mawi Asgedom '08 talks passion, leadership and overcoming adversity.
  • Asgedom is the founder of Mawi Learning, a leadership training company based in a Chicago suburb.
  • Students attend one of MOSAIC Week's film screenings.
  • Students mingle after a film screening during MOSAIC Week.
  • The final event of the week was the popular Bollywood Bash, held Saturday, April 27, in the Owen L. Coon Forum at the Jacobs Center.
  • The theme for this year's Bollywood Bash was 100 Years of Bollywood.
  • Students dance at Saturday's Bollywood Bash.
  • The Bollywood Bash was organized by the India Business Club.

MOSAIC - Celebrating Kellogg's Global Diversity

At Kellogg, collaboration across cultures is serious business. But it’s also a lot of fun.

During MOSAIC Week, which took place the week of April 22, students had many opportunities to learn about unfamiliar cultures — and to make campus feel a little more like home. Classmates taught each other to roll sushi, screened movies and commercials from their home cultures, danced like Bollywood stars, and prepared — and sampled — dishes from around the world.

Embracing difference
Mawi Asgedom ’08 encourages students to find friends in different kinds of people — and to celebrate their own uniqueness... read more

Bollywood Bash
Watch a dance performance from MOSAIC Week’s Bollywood Bash, a celebration of Indian cinema and culture.

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