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Kellogg announces new strategic direction to shape business education and thought leadership in the 21st century

2/7/2012 - The Kellogg School on Feb. 6 announced the release of Envision Kellogg, a comprehensive plan for how the school will shape business education and thought leadership for the 21st century.

“There are times in history when transformational change becomes imperative for an organization — because the world in which that organization has thrived fundamentally changes,” Kellogg Dean Sally Blount said. “Now is one of those times for Kellogg. The nature of business and how it operates in the 21st century requires that we rethink who we are and how we do what we do.”

Envision Kellogg is the result of an 18-month, 360-degree assessment that involved more than 1,000 alumni, faculty, administrators, students, corporate partners and other friends of Kellogg. Visit to learn more.